Bosch : “A victory satisfactory “

Bosch : « Une victoire satisfaisante »

It means that Inouk had not an appointment with the opponent more threatening, but they nevertheless played a strong game Friday night at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

The Granbyens have triumphed 5-2 in the face of the Predators of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon. Ahead 5-0 after 40 minutes of play, they have lifted the foot in the third, which has avoided the visitors a defeat more troublesome and this has deprived the goalkeeper Hugo Duteau, who has done very well, his first clean sheet of the season.

Louis-Philippe Denis, with two goals and a pass, and William Leblanc, with a goal (48th) and two assists, led the attack of the victors. Laurent Minville and Ludovic Caron (they added a pass each) were completed.

Companion trio of Denis and Leblanc, Félip Bourdeau has collected two assists.

“It has been said Duteau, who blocked 28 shots, including a few not convenient. At my first start in 2019, I absolutely wanted to do well. I’ve done my job, but the guy in front of me have worked very well, I must say. “

“A good match “

The Inouk had three new players in uniform on Friday, the defenders Jesse Belzil and Jeremiah Major, as well as the young striker Christopher Morissette, who had taken the path of hockey to college after having impressed Patrice Bosch at the last training camp. The first two were played with a lot of insurance while the latter proved that he possessed a fine instinct offensive.

“We played a good match, said Bosch, who has not however enjoyed a few penalties écopées by its players. Duteau has been solid and everyone has not done poorly what he had to do. It is a victory to be satisfactory. “

Nicolas Roy, Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard and Jordan Roy, all injured, along with Raphael Bouchard, due to a trip long planned, and Nicolas Nadeau, striped with the alignment, were the main absentees.

The Inouk (24-9) now have an appointment with the Titan de Princeville (24-7-3) Sunday afternoon, always at home. The duel promises to be very interesting, especially as the representatives of the Bois-Francs does not hide to say that they are aiming for the big trophy this season.

“The last time the Titan came out here, we won 3-1, this was the match Crowd full and there had been a duel, was returned to Bosch. I expect another big game. “

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