Bosch: “These young people here have merit”

Bosch: «Ces jeunes-là ont du mérite»

Since his troop has won five wins in a row, Patrice Bosch has wanted to pay tribute to his players while Inouk prepare to face the Cobras de Terrebonne, the team no. 1 of the junior League AAA.

“These young people here have merit, he said following the training session on Wednesday. It has kept her head high despite the storms, we never dropped the head. The guys can be proud of. “

When he speaks of “storms,” Bosch speaks mainly of all these injuries to key players that have marked the season of his team. Of course there are the famous three wins that his troop was pulled, but the coach and general manager has promised not to talk about it a long time ago. But we guess that it is also part of the ” storms “.

We feel, however, Bosch is very relieved to return to the game of Bourdeau and Roy.

“At a time when we speak, there are more than Christopher Morissette, Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard and Gabriel Goudreault who are injured, but they could all come back soon. As to Jordan Roy, who is recovering from the death of her mother, it should be revisited next week. It’s still not a lot of players unavailable, but there is agreement that there has been a lot worse. “

About the confrontation in the face of the Cobras, Bosch will simply say that it is a good game for a team that is preparing for the series.

“We still have seven games in the calendar and we have two appointments with the Terrebonne and Saint-Jérôme (Saturday at the Granby, quebec) and Princeville. Let’s say we will not have the chance to fall asleep before the series ! “

And that is good.

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