“Boss Zoo”: an album of transition to Dirty

«Boss du Zoo»: un album de transition pour Dirty

The rapper Dirty means to hit hard with his album Boss of the Zoo. Done in the company of many collaborators, including several heavyweights of the hip-hop scene in quebec, le Granbyen will be for the first time distributed by a label. A major turning point in his career.

Dirty is an artist busy lately. Met Sunday morning by The Voices of the East, he was about to go in the metropolis to save the clip of the second single of his album which will be revealed alongside the launch of the Boss of the Zoo, on the 9th of march next, at the Brewery Vrooden.

This first album after numerous EP, is described by its author as “an album of transition, “”a little cleaner” and following the path drawn by Presentable, that Dirty was presented in the fall of 2017 under his real name Emmanuel Parent.


For Dirty, the transition is also professional. The one who begins his 18th year as artistic will count for the first time on the support of a label to produce and distribute his album. By his own admission, the Productions organizés have allowed him to propel his ambitions much further. “I’m ready to make many sacrifices, but this financial support has allowed me to go further. There are songs which have cost up to $ 500 “, underlines Dirty. The Granbyen will have the chance to be distributed heavily in the stores Sunrise and Walmart, thus ensuring a maximum visibility.

“It must work now ! I’m a rapper different from those who have already succeeded, but I want my page in [the book] of the québécois rap, ” lance-t-il.


“This is not a more mature album, this album is more serious. I don’t pretend to tell me any more mature, but I can say that the approach is more serious, ” explains Dirty.

Emmanuel Parent worked on this project for about a year, but the album took a different direction after the output of the first extract Nothing to lose by November 2018. “When I released the clutch at the beginning of the project, it was very in the optical Dirty, it was meant to be disturbing and humorous. The single is a part serious, but the rest is more Dirty. I listened to the comments of people and I understood that they were ready to hear something more serious. I took the criticism and the rest of the album is built around, ” he continued.

If the desire to shock remains, the rapper has listened to some advice from his peers and was a little quiet for the Boss of the Zoo. “There’s a little less of dirtyisme !” lance-t-il. As he repeats, Dirty is first and foremost a character rather than a true reflection of the personality of the performer. “There are things that I’ve done where I know that I’ve gone too far. […] Older, I’ve become more sensitive to certain things, I’m just going to laugh at young for example, I am more sensitive to the ecology “, he says.

Side music, Dirty has focused on collaborations to enrich the final product, especially with the rapper, producer and beatmaker Leprechaun, who gave an important boost to the production in addition to adding his voice on some tracks. The “heavyweight” T-Mo, half of the collective Taktika, also made an appearance on the album.


During the launch of his long game on march 9, Dirty) will translate a few parts in an intimate atmosphere.

For Hervé Gagnon, co-owner of the brewery, it is a way of giving a helping hand to an emerging artist. “I’m not personally a big fan of rap. However, my children listen a lot and it is sure that one wishes to see the drill “, he explains.

The album will be on sale after the launch and available in stores, on web-based platforms, as well as from the artist himself.

Dirty provides also occur in some cities of the province in the coming months. The dates are not yet announced.

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