August 14, 2022
Botafogo announces the signing of striker Luis Henrique |  Botafogo

Botafogo announces the signing of striker Luis Henrique | Botafogo

a Botafogo Announced the return of striker Luis Henrique. He returns to the club that made his professional debut and arrives on loan until mid-2023. He will be presented on Friday afternoon at Nilton Santos.

The agreement provides for a purchase option at the end of the bond. However, there are goals that, if Luis Henrique defeats them (like the number of games being played, for example), the device develops into a purchase obligation.

The club announced the return of the young player to the house through social networking sites with emojis and a video with a song by Zika Bagudinho: “Under my hat.” In it, Luis Henrique says that he is in control of his own destiny and that Luis Castro is the one who called him. See the video below.

Watch Luís Henrique’s intro video, Botafogo promotion

Botafogo has announced Luis Henrique – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

The movement was treated as a “military operation”, as it included a trip by Andrei Mazzuko, the sports director of the association Botafogo, to present a proposal and project to the family of Luis Henrique, in Paraíba, Northeastern Brazil. In parallel, John Textor’s team tightened the siege on Olympique, which had a proposal from Flamengo on hand.

The modifications were sent to meet the demands of the French club. a Botafogo He will pay, if the player achieves the goals, approximately eight million euros – which equates to 42 million Brazilian riyals at the current price, an amount very close to what he received in 2020 for sale to Olympique – for the entire deal.

"Surrender was a speech to try and smooth out a potential hat"Renata de Medeiros says of Flamengo's interest in Luis Enrique, a potential new promotion for Botafogo.

“The wish was a letter to try and smooth a potential hat,” says Renata de Medeiros of Flamengo’s interest in Luis Enrique, a potential new boost for Botafogo.

Luis Henrique belongs to Tres Passos, from Rio Grande do Sul, to work at the Alfinegra base, where he rose to prominence at the age of 17. He played in the last two rounds of Brazil 2019 and provided assistance. The following season, he was a regular starter in the Carioca Championship and the start of the Brazilian Championship. In 19 matches, he scored two goals and provided five assists.

At Olympique de Marseille, he took the field 49 times in the two seasons he spent there. She gained muscle mass, but did not have expressive numbers. In total, he scored one goal and assists to six.

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