December 3, 2023
Botafogo: Castro feels emotional after victory over Santos: 'happy spirit'

Botafogo: Castro feels emotional after victory over Santos: ‘happy spirit’

Coach Luis Castro did not hide a smile on his face after Botafogo’s 3-0 win over Santos tonight (10th). The coach, excitedly, recalled the mishaps that Glorioso had suffered throughout the season and confirmed that the team would still face a decision against Atletico-PR, in the final round of the Brazilian Championship. The Portuguese captain even quoted Martino da Villa’s song “Canta, Canta Minha Gente” and noted that “life is getting better”.

Alvinegro has reached the G8 and is relying solely on his own strength to qualify for Editors Next year. On Sunday, go to Arena da Baixada.

After the victory over Bixe, Botafogo players and the coaching staff went to greet the fans. The relationship between the stadium and the stands was even mentioned in some of the opportunities in the coach’s press conference.

“There was a strong bond between everyone, everyone knew the job they had to do and they did it perfectly. We had one flaw or another, but that’s part of the game. They’ve always been very respectful all season. Under a lot of work, during difficult moments. They never turned their faces around. They always gave their faces, their body, their ambition and their courage. Fame goes and prestige remains,” he said.

“The fame of the title, the victory goes with time, but the prestige we overcome in such a generous and honest way, understanding everything that happened around us … The players remained calm and understood the way. The prestige we conquered throughout the competition through action. Congratulations to the players, staff, fans and the Botafogo family. Entirely to play near the end of the season. Whatever happens on Sunday. We don’t celebrate anything concrete, we say goodbye to the fans. We knew how to understand everything, and today we said goodbye to our family, and that means everything we did at the end of the match,” he added.

When asked how he felt when he heard the fans shouting his name at the end of the match, Luis Castro recalled the moments when Alvenegro was not having a good time and was not happy about his “inability to return the confidence” shown by the fans and the board. placed in it.

“It is not easy to find words. Feelings generate feelings and it is not easy to find words to describe that feeling, how comfortable it is to see our work being recognized. The reward for my work is to see happy players, happy management, happy fans. I chase those moments all along. The season, unfortunately, at some moments we could not. I felt responsible for it. My conscience was at peace, but I was not at peace because I could not repay all that we had. But to talk about all that happened today, we must go through a group Of the events, but it is a pleasure to see the recognition of the work.

He labeled himself as an emotional leader and said that the soul today is happy, roughly indicating the permission that emotions can take over after victory. But, on the other hand, he indicated that tomorrow morning he will start work to face Atletico – PR:

“I chose to come to Botafogo. I was in a club that had a contract, and I had other offers. At certain moments, I was disappointed that I could not give back the trust they had put in me. And it fluctuated, an erratic team and we were more satisfied, less satisfied, sad and happy, and it was It depends on the results. I am a very emotional coach, I lead emotionally. If I have to cry with them, I cry. If I have to laugh, laugh, no problem. This sets us apart. One thing is Luis Castro coaching on the bench, and another in a room clothes and when with the guys a soul that has had its ups and downs but finds peace no matter what happens we have a huge mountain to climb we have examples that we have managed already many times but another climb must be very difficult that happy soul botafogo family soul Happy. Tomorrow is another day. I felt them diaries taking care of us. Tomorrow, in training in the morning, we are already looking at the other match. But let’s sleep on top of this victory and start training tomorrow.”

Luis Castro was also reminded that he had mentioned, on an earlier occasion, that Song Rich, sing my people by Martinho da Villa.

“Life will get better” … It gets better (laughs), but we know the dangers of this life. When we think we are in heaven, we go into a pit and end up in hell. But, even today it’s getting better, the team has been building. We have had unfortunate accidents and our lives are getting better,” he emphasized.

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team performance

“I think there’s a key word in the question, which is how to create the ‘team’. More important than any player is the team, the dynamics and the focus the team should have at certain moments of the game. All of that was perfect today. When we got back up we knew it was a semi-final. To go. To the final we needed to win today. Fortunately the team went into the match well. It was the team that was assembled to attack the opponent’s goal with the necessary defensive caution. We could not get all the players excited to attack. The focus should have been on the balance of the team to be We have the calm to attack. And the team did it perfectly.”

Even in crisis, he said to research

I always looked up, but in the rearview mirror to see what was going down (laughs). In football, we should doubt everything. Many years have passed in his service and we have learned a lot. The group has values ​​within it that cannot be abandoned: courage, respect, determination and responsibility. All this was always very present on the set. I looked up and we worked hard. I remember twice when we had four defeats in a row. It was hard times because everyone wanted to kill us. Congratulations to the management and John Textor for their support of those who chose to coach him throughout the season.

When I see a colleague of mine get fired after being selected for having a certain profile, it’s always a bad football moment. Being in my position after these difficult moments is an example that Botafogo gave to all of Brazilian football. – If we look at the teams that fell, they all changed coaches. What did you do? Is this the solution? Is the coach the only one who has to bear the pressure? Fortunately, management held out. Congratulations to everyone because despite a lot of tough things we’ve been through in the season, [o estádio] It was never empty. There was always a lot of support. The win goes to the players, management and all Botafogo fans.

Will they make it to the last round stronger?

“We are strong. At the moment, those who don’t like us very much will be talking about the victories against Afaye and Goias, not that we won Atletico MJ away, Flamengo away. We played initially to stay in Serie A. Happening on Sunday, my players are great.” And honest and we have a great campaign We always had the love of the fans We didn’t miss that all season They were there We felt emotional We felt solid at times The dynamics are like father and son Father loves his son so much but sometimes he is tough on him We will arrive strong as he will arrive Atlético PR is strong. In the final there are no candidates. We will compete with open hearts, in the end anything can happen.”