December 2, 2022
Botafogo defeats Madureira in Niltao and leads the final match of the Copa Rio Sub-20 OPG Championship.

Botafogo defeats Madureira in Niltao and leads the final match of the Copa Rio Sub-20 OPG Championship.

With an extra one for most of the game, the Botafogo Defeated Madureira A 2 to 1 comeback in the rain on Wednesday afternoon (2), at Nelton Santos Stadium, and opened the lead in the final Rio Cup U-20 OPG. The current champion, Glorioso can now plot the second leg scheduled for next Wednesday (9), at 15:00, in Conselheiro Galvão, to win the second championship. If Tricolor Suburbano wins by a goal difference, the title will be decided by a penalty shootout.

Botafogo found it difficult to penetrate Madureira’s defense throughout the first half, and the match raged only in the last minutes of the first stage, after midfielder Tank, from Tricolor Suburbano, was sent off in the 35th minute. Three minutes later, Leo Pedro even hit the net with a header, but the referee He indicated that Alvenegro did not attack.

Despite having another player, Botafogo ended up being left behind. In a quick descent, Coutinho crossed from the right, Redson could not cut, and Gustavo, in the second stick, finished the net, making Madurira 1-0. succumb to recoil.

Botafogo came back in the second half in a different way, and now it looks like he had another player. He equalized after 10 minutes: Bernardo greeted on the right flank, shot low in the area, the ball deflected in defense and fell cleanly at Ray’s feet leaving everything even on the scoreboard at 1 to 1.

After the equaliser, Madureira pulled back more and Botafogo pressed, but it was hard to risk. In the 38th minute, Sapata took a risk and Guilherme Cabo managed a palm. And at the age of thirty-nine, the long-awaited transformation came. After a corner kick from the right, Wallace veered backwards on the first post and pushed Captain Redson, on the second post, into the net.

data sheet
Botafogo 2 x 1 Madurera

place: Nilton Santos Stadium
date and time: 11/02/2022 – 15:00
Rule: Thiago da Silva Luduguero (RJ)
Auxiliaries: Juan Mota Cedre (RJ) and Julio César Souza Gaudêncio (RJ)
yellow cards: Gabriel Toby, Leo Pedro, Roan Lucas and Antonio Villa (BOT); Tanke, Gustavo, Guilherme Zoyo, Marlon, Marcelino and Jonathan Luiz (MAD)
red cards: Tank 35ft/1ºT and Jonathan Louise 51ft/2ºT (MAD)
Objectives: Gustavo 44ft/1ºT (0-1), Ray 10ft/2ºT (1-1) and Radson 39ft/2ºT (2-1)

Botafogo: Gabriel Toby Bernardo, Quan Tomaz, Redson, and Givino; Felipe Vieira (Rhuan Lucas 43’/1ºT), Kawi and Ray; Wendel (Antônio Villa 35’/2ºT), Iago André (Iago Renato 35’/2ºT) and Leo Pedro (shoe 17’/2ºT) – Coach: Thiago de Camillis.

Madoran: Guilherme Capo-Coutinho, Cavallini, Marlon (Wagner 36min/2ºT) and Guilherme Zoyo; Tank, Jonathan Louise, and Henrique; Marcelinho (Victor Lucas 46’/2ºT), Guilherme Augusto (Wallace 16’/2ºT) and Gustavo (Marcão 16’/2ºT) – Coach: Felipe Arantes.