May 30, 2023
Botafogo faces USA-MG with focus on leading Brazil after nine years

Botafogo faces USA-MG with focus on leading Brazil after nine years

sermons in Botafogo are aligned. from outside the field with John TextorEven indoors, with the players, the lines are the same. before BrazilianThe focus was on cementing his place in Serie A, but the results are starting to show and a place in an international competition is already a viable dream. but against America MGToday, at 9 p.m., Botafogo can take an even bigger step. If they win the Independência, the Luis Castro He will sleep at the top of the Brazilian, overtaking CorinthiansWho plays tomorrow against Sao Paulo. To maintain the lead at the end of the round, Alfinegro will need a tie in the São Paulo classic.

Although it’s too early to talk about a title fight, this feat would well represent the “New Botafogo” stage. The last time the club led the Brazilian League was in 2013 with the coach’s team Oswaldo de Oliveira And the Dutch ace Clarence Seedorf. On this occasion, Alfinegro defeated Portuguesa 3-1 at Canende Stadium and finished the 15th round at the top of the standings. Since then, 3,196 days and 257 rounds have passed without leading the country’s first championship.

In this edition of the Brazilian League, Botafogo’s away from home performance was the fuel for the game in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team is unbeaten outside of Rio: in three matches, there were two victories and a draw.

For tonight’s match, coach Luis Castro, for the first time since his arrival at the club, can repeat the squad for the previous match, when Alfinegro won the title. Energy. On the other hand, with Patrick de Paula High, the coach can choose to put the number 8 jersey from the start instead of Lucas Fernandez.