May 31, 2023

Botafogo have reached a financial agreement with Wanderers for Diego Hernandez, agent says; Club and broker insist on immediate access

a Botafogo Already a financial agreement to Diego Hernandez For the year 2023. This is what Daniel Kozik, the mediator involved in the negotiations, said in an interview with journalist Jorge Nicola, from the channel “Canal de Nicola”, this Sunday (2/4). “x” question is to persuade Montevideo Wanderers To launch it by Monday, April 3, the day the window closes in Brazil.

I was having a meeting now. Montevideo played today and won by their goal. The only hurdle is the immediate release, because they are four points behind Penarol, and the championship ends on May 15th. We are trying to explain that it is necessary for the window. If they don’t accept immediate access, there is a chance it will close now in July. He is a midfielder who plays on the wings, swings a lot, is left-handed, and has a lot of skill and pace. It gives a lot of depth, from the inside and through the ends – Detailed by Agent Daniel Cusick.

The financial part has already been passed, and there are only a few adjustments to the payment history. The proposal has been submitted, we have already modified it. It’s Sunday, the two teams have just played, the administrative part at that time is practically impossible. We are trying to release him now, failing that, we arrange for him to come later. Because May 15th ends, you can adjust – Completed.