December 7, 2022
Botafogo imposes itself and beats Sao Paulo at home and leaves Z-4

Botafogo imposes itself and beats Sao Paulo at home and leaves Z-4

a Botafogo Play better and win Sao Paulo 1-0 today (16), at Nelton Santos Stadium, for the thirteenth round of the World Championships Brazilian Championship. Kaiki scored his first goal in a Rio de Janeiro club. Tricolor lost their undefeated streak in 15 matches.

Botafogo established himself from the start and created the main opportunities for the game. Sao Paulo even had possession of the ball, but did not make a great effort for goalkeeper Gattito and irritated Rogerio Ceni in the technical area. Kayque’s beautiful goal came in the 15th minute of the final stage.

The win made Botafogo Luis Castro breathe and leave the relegation zone. Fugao now occupies 13th place with 15 points, while Sao Paulo is fifth in the standings with 18 added.

Botafogo will return to the pitch to face Internacional on Sunday, in Beira Rio, in the 14th round of the Brazilian League. Sao Paulo hosts Palmeiras in Morumbi on Monday.

Live from Sao Paulo with Gabriel Perecchini, Marcelo Hazan and Menon

Who did well in Botafogo: Kaik

Responsible for “carrying the piano” in the center of the Botafogo stadium, midfielder Kaiki appeared against São Paulo. The author of the winning goal, the player was already standing long before he scored. His proficiency in defence, Kayque also emerged as a surprising element in the opponent’s area. Representing from region to region, the 62nd jersey was the highlight of Nilton Santos.

Who was bad in Botafogo: Patrick de Paula

In a match that featured a lot of fighting for the ball, Patrick DePaula was a little different. Scattered, the midfielder missed simple passes, didn’t play in the same rotation as his teammates and drove part of the crowd crazy at Nilton Santos. Patrick was one of those responsible for clarifying the offensive sector, and he produced little.

Who did well in Sao Paulo: Patrick

The tricolor midfielder was the one who presented the biggest danger and helped mark.

Who was bad in Sao Paulo: Rafinha and Luciano

Rafinha and Luciano missed many passes. Rafinha still displays spaces beside it. Luciano created almost nothing.

Botafogo: Victory Based on Fighting

Botafogo’s side were far from shining at Nelton Santos, but they made their actions a key element in the 1-0 win over Sao Paulo. The team was strongly distinguished by the opponent, had difficulties in building, but fought for every ball. In the final stage, Botta opened up a bit more, giving space to the tricolor, but went more decisively to attack. At the base of the race, Botta interrupted a streak of four defeats, leaving the sticking area and breathing more into the Brazilian.

Sao Paulo match: low intensity

Sao Paulo didn’t know what to do with the ball and practically left goalkeeper Gattito no problem. Tricolor played and played and played and built almost nothing.

Sao Paulo is in trouble

In the 18th minute, Saravia and Calleri disagreed and the Botafogo right-back pushed the Argentine forward strongly inside the area. The referee did not score anything and VAR referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio did not call in to review the bid.

Calleri x Carli

The Sao Paulo striker has been a stranger more than once with the Botafogo defender. In the second half, Calleri hit Carly with his shoe cleats and then took his injured hand. Carly felt disgusted.

last minute

Sao Paulo announced the squad with Gabriel Neves in the midfield. Close to dribbling the ball, coach Rogerio Ceni moved, eliminating the Uruguayan and placing Diego Costa as the third defender.

data sheet
Botafogo 1 x 0 Sao Paulo

place: Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
Date: June 16, 2022 (Thursday)
time: 4 pm
Rule: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Rafael Perez (GO) and Bruno Bocellia (PR)
Video Assistant Referee: Wagner Rawi (PB)
Audience and Income: 18677 / 453.785.00 BRL
yellow cards: Cano, Patrick de Paula, Saravia, Carly, Kaichi and Cuesta (BOT), Patrick, Calleri and Arboleda (SAO)

Kayque, 15 minutes into 2Q

Botafogo: Gattito, Cano, Carly & Cuesta; Saravia (Daniel Borges), Patrick de Paula (Andre Anderson), Kaichi (Barreto), Lucas Piazon (Tea), and Hugo; Vinicius Lopez and Erison (Mateus Nascimento) Technical: Luis Castro

São Paulo: Gandri, Diego Costa (Eder), Arboleda and Leo; Rafinha (Igor Vinicius), Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomez, Patrick and Wellington (Rinaldo); Luciano (Rigoni) and Gallery. Technical: Rogerio Cini