September 28, 2023
Botafogo will attempt the "last step" of the renewal with values ​​close to those requested by Rafael Navarro.

Botafogo will attempt the “last step” of the renewal with values ​​close to those requested by Rafael Navarro.

NS Botafogo In the coming weeks, he will attempt a “final step” to try to renew the racket’s contract Rafael Navarro, the team’s top scorer in B . series With ten goals. According to “Canal do Medeiros”, the board will be very close to the values ​​requested by the player and his crew.

In an interview with Botafogo TV Last Sunday club president, Dorchesio MiloHe quickly spoke about it and said the council would make another attempt. So far, the talks have not progressed and the trend at the moment is for him to leave at the end of the year, when the relationship ends.

With the start under Anderson Moreira and deputy captaincy, the climate of optimism regarding access to Serie A is also taking its toll. If you confirm the rise, Botafogo will have a much larger budget forecast and, therefore, can offer a higher value than the gloves and stipends for the 99 shirt.

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Also, according to the channel, the relationship between the board of directors of the Botafogo club and the businessmen of Rafael Navarro was shaken somewhat after an interview with the football director, Eduardo Freelandat the beginning of the month. in this occasion , He said the club had approved the player’s draft and that he expected a positive response. – Something that didn’t happen.

21-year-old Rafael Navarro has scored 11 goals and nine assists this season and has gained a lot of value in the transfer market, attracting the interest of Serie A clubs from Brazilian nationals and from abroad as well, such as Valladolid (ESP)And Vitoria de Guimarães (POR)And Verona (ITA) e times da Turkey.

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