December 1, 2023
Botafogo's dreams with Elkeson: Find out about the club's contracts, departures and opinion polls for 2022

Botafogo’s dreams with Elkeson: Find out about the club’s contracts, departures and opinion polls for 2022

Titled Series B, Board of Directors Botafogo It aims to form a competitive team so as not to be afraid of the Brasileirao conflict. The ball at the time is Elkeson, the big dream in terms of employment. However, the club still has internal problems to solve: many players who excelled in 2021 do not guarantee their survival.

+ RESPONSE: Following Volt’s interest, Kappa makes an offer to renew with Botafogo

see below. Botafogo movement in the market for the year 2022.

Botafogo contracts
So far, Botafogo has not officially closed with any players.

Alvinegro forwarded the purchase Lucas Mezinga Next to Nova Iguaçu and interested in renovation with cake Until the end of the Carioca Championship.

Players in sight
Financial issues still had to be resolved, Botafogo was called Breno, of the ex-Goiás, offered and admired this possibility. In addition, the club has begun talks in search of Elkeson, The dream of the big council.

from the left
Pedro CastroAnd One of the most prominent features of Botafogo is access to Series A, announced by Cruzeiro.

right back Jonathan Lemos The contract was not renewed.

Who can leave
One of the biggest challenges the club faces is retaining players who excelled in 2021, but who will return to their original clubs after the loan period. These are cases Louis OyamaAnd Marco Antonio and Pareto. Another symbolic case is the case of Rafael Navarro, which still does not have a definition regarding contract renewal.

Kano He attracts Corinth’s interest, but Glorioso promises to play to free him.

2022 main team
Diego Loreiro (Gatito Fernandez); Rafael, Cano, Joel Carly, Carlinhos; Barreto, Louis Aoyama; Warley, Chai, Diego Gonçalves; Rafael Navarro.

2022 Challenges
With the Series B title on their backs, Botafogo’s goal for this season is to build a less competitive team to remain at the elite in the Brazilian Championship. With finances collapsing and expectations of a change in internal regulation, a new rating downgrade would jeopardize any plan by Alvinegro to rebuild itself.

The first matches of 2022
22 or 23/01 – Boavista x Botafogo – Location and time will be determined
26 or 27/01 – Botafogo x Bangu – location and time will be determined
01/29 or 30 – Botafogo x Madurera – Location and time must be specified
02 or 03/02 / – Botafogo x Nova Iguaçu – Location and time will be determined
05 or 06/02 – Fluminense x Botafogo – Venue and time must be specified