December 5, 2023
Bradesco PLR pays its employees on Friday (16).  Check the values

Bradesco PLR pays its employees on Friday (16). Check the values

Following a request from the union movement, Bradesco will submit to Friday (16) the first installment payment of PLR

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At the request of the trade union movement, the Bradesco He will submit the first installment payment of Profit Sharing (PLR) to Friday (16). According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCT), the transfer can take place up to 30. Therefore, the additional premium value cap will be corrected by 13%.

Predict Bradesco PLR

Check the table with PLR values ​​for each salary range. It is important to remember that according to the values ​​below, income tax (IR) is charged.

pay(R $) 54% of salary (BRL) Fixed Installment (BRL) Total Base Base (R$) Additional Installment (Brazilian Real) Total PLR Prediction (R$)
2921.04 1,577.68 1,832.93 3,410.61 3,171.94 6,582.55
3,946.74 2,131.24 1,832.93 3964.17 3,171.94 7136.11
5000.00 2,700.00 1,832.93 4,532.93 3,171.94 7704.87
6000.00 3,240.00 1,832.93 5,072.93 3,171.94 8244.87
7,0000.00 3,780.00 1,832.93 5612.93 3,171.94 8784.87
8000.00 4,320.00 1,832.93 6,152.93 3,171.94 9324.87
10,000.00 5,400.00 1,832.93 7232.93 3,171.94 10,404.87
15000.00 8,100.00 1,832.93 9,832.78 3,171.94 13,004.72
Source: National Confederation of Workers in the CUT Financial Branch (Contraf-CUT)

Income Tax PLR

Therefore, income tax (IR) is levied on PLR amounts over R$6,677.55 per year. In this way, there is a specific table for IR on the PLR. Previously, taxes were 27.5% for all PLR amounts. However, in 2013, then-President Dilma Rousseff (PT) raised the value of the PLR ​​exemption to R$6 thousand.

Food and meal vouchers

Bradesco will also postpone the payment of an additional R$1,000 from the food voucher to the 28th of this month. Food (VA) and meal (RV) vouchers for the next month will also be added on the 28th, with the 10% correction made in this year’s National Banking Campaign. Additionally, this month’s VA and VR variations and the 13th Food Basket will also be added on the same day.

Totals paid in VA and VR

VR is already modified 1014.46 Brazilian Real
The difference in the last month VR 92.22 Brazilian Real
Total VR 1,106.69 BRL
Already modified 799.38 BRL
Last month’s teams VA 72.67 Brazilian Real
13th VA 799.38 BRL
switch in VA 1,000.00 Brazilian Real
Total AV 2671.43 Brazilian Real
Source: National Confederation of Workers in the CUT Financial Branch (Contraf-CUT)

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