September 24, 2022
Brazil defeats Canada and faces Argentina in the South American Basketball Cup final |  Basketball

Brazil defeats Canada and faces Argentina in the South American Basketball Cup final | Basketball

The biggest rivalry in South America is earning another crucial chapter. With Brazil’s dramatic victory over Canada from 86 to 76, Saturday evening, at the Giraldao gymnasium, in Recife, the team will play the Copa América de Basket final against Argentina, on Sunday..

At stake is the fifth Brazilian championship or the Argentine treble. The match will be at 20:40 and will be broadcast on Sportv. At 6:30 p.m., the United States and Canada make a decision on third place.

The victory over the Canadians was a lot of tension. Brazil dominated the first three quarters, but suffered blackouts at the start of the fourth in which they took the turnLosing by 13 points. Three minutes before the end of the match, with the support of the fans who filled the gymnasium, the Brazilian players recovered after a break from coach Gustavo de Conte.

Leo Mendel was the Brazilian top scorer with 19 points and was elected player of the match. Jahvon Henry-Blair was the fencing top scorer with 24.

Lucas Mariano Brazil-Canada Copa America Basketball – Photo: Reuters

The choice was Bennett as a first-time Copa America rookie. He showed his serve right from the start, with a solid pace in defenses and a sure hand in attack – he scored 11 points, two reels from three hits. In fact, Brazil got off to a good start in shooting the ocean, scoring 5 out of 10.

Strongly marked – mainly at 1 to 1 with Léo Meindl – Canada’s highlight, Dalano Banton, is restricted to 4 points. The selection ended with a fourth win by 24 to 20.

Bennett hits a beautiful triple ball early in the game against Canada

In the second quarter, Canada found ways with other players and turned 27-26. But Brazil recovered after a play-off time in Mariano’s pass and two well-made balls resulted in three shots, with Mendel and Huertas – 34 to 27.

Brazil continued to grow, with Mariano’s stump at Pande and the Huertas airlift with Felicio. The advantage didn’t increase much because the threes stopped falling – but work in the attacking lane did well with Felicio and Mariano, and the second-half selection went with 44-34 on the scoreboard.

Also of note is Didi Lozada, who snatched 4 offensive rebounds after mistakes in Brazilian shots from the ocean.

punk!  Felicio performs a great airlift and makes 36x29 for Brazil

punk! Felicio performs a great airlift and makes 36×29 for Brazil

The third quarter was full of ups and downs for Brazil, who tried to extend his lead from the start, but faced errors in possession. With the defensive work going well, Canada followed with difficulty and couldn’t touch it.

The team went into the final quarter in morale after a beautiful play by Yago. He cheated in having Cross, backed off, and fired off a triple pointer at the last second. The fans took off and the team finished the period with 67 to 54.

Brazil started the last quarter poorly and Canada cut the difference to 67 to 62 with three consecutive threes. Coach Gustavo de Conte asked for a timeout and the team woke up, but the Canadians continued with a strong rhythm and gradually reduced the difference until the score turned 76 to 74, driven mainly by three-point shots.

After another timeout, Brazil scored again and scored powerful goals three minutes before the end of the match. Crowds set the gym on fire and the team made the score 80 to 76. Toco de Felicio scored and dunked Lucas Dias in the sequence, as well as the ball was stolen by Lucas Mariano on substitute for Canada.

Argentina outperforms the USA

Argentina beat the United States 82-73, in a balanced match, but the two brothers maintained their lead for most of the forty minutes. Copa America’s top scorer, striker Gabriel Dick, won with 30 points and 7 rebounds. Nicholas Laprovittola scored 18 and 6 rebounds. On the American side, base guard Norris Cole was the top scorer with 18.