August 15, 2022
Brazil defeats Serbia in the Nations League final  volleyball

Brazil defeats Serbia in the Nations League final volleyball

It’s a good thing these young girls are rooting for themselves from Brazil,” Fernanda Garay said on social media – and volleyball fans across the country. Amid a renewal process, the young Brazilian team led by coach Jose Roberto Guimarães beat Serbia in three sets to one, on Saturday morning, in the Nations League final that was held in Ankara, Turkey. The particles were on 14/25, 25/18, 26/24 and 25/19.

The team started insecure, suffered 7 points from blocks in the first segment and was left behind at the mark. But, on the wings of Casey (19 points) and Julia Bergman (16), and under the leadership of Gabi (15), the team managed to come back in the next three sets. And the opponents in the decision come out of the confrontation between Italy and Turkey, which will be played next Saturday. The title duel takes place on Sunday, 12:30, With Sportv 2 transmission.

Brazil’s best moments 3 x 1 Serbia in the semi-finals of the Women’s Volleyball Nations League

Group A – Serbia 25 to 14

The Serbs started everything in the siege and scored 7 points against only one of Brazil. Only Jovana Stefanovic scored 3. Anna Bellica and Maja Aleksic were their highlights, with 5 points each, in a group where nothing went right for the Brazilians. There were 5 points in fouls versus 3. Casey was the top scorer of choice, with a score of 5.

Attacks: Serbia 11 to 9
Withdrawals: Serbia 2 to 1
Clogging: Serbia 7 to 1
opponents mistakes: Serbia 5 to 3

Brazil – Serbia in the Nations League semi-finals – Photo: FIVB

The Brazilians entered the match in the second group. After a 9-7 loss, the team came out with 6 points from Julia Bergman (5 attacks). Carol and Casey scored 4 points each. Brazil got 7 points from errors from the Serbs and conceded only 3 points. In blocks, 3 vs 0 to choose.

Attacks: from 14 to 14
Withdrawals: 1 to 1
Clogging: Brazil 3 to 0
opponents mistakes: Brazil 7 to 3

The Serbs initially dominated the group (14 to 8), but the Brazilians ran after them and bowed 14 to 13. Since then, the ball has been partially played. In the end, the efficiency of Julia Bergman prevailed, with 7 points of attack, including the decisive ball for victory in the group. Carol 6 scored. On the other hand, Bilica and Stefanovic scored 5 goals each.

Attacks: Brazil 18 to 14
Withdrawals: Serbia 2-0
Clogging: Brazil 3 to 2
opponents mistakes: Serbia 6 to 5

Brazil vs Serbia in the Nations League semi-finals – Photo: FIVB

Gabe and Casey were the crucial group names. All of them put 7 balls on the floor, all in attacks. Brazil opened an advantage and did not give chances to rivals. Anna Bijelica, with a great match, scored another 5 points and finished with 17 – the highest scorer in Serbia. But this was not enough. Brazil in the final.

Attacks: Brazil 18 to 14
Withdrawals: 0 to 0
Clogging: 3 to 3
opponents mistakes: Brazil 4 to 2

Julia Bergmann highlights team unity and celebrates Brazil's qualification to the final

Julia Bergmann highlights team unity and celebrates Brazil’s qualification to the final