July 25, 2024

Brazil has its first two confirmed cases of the micron variant

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Brasil tem 2 primeiros casos confirmados da variante Ômicron
Brasil tem 2 primeiros casos confirmados da variante Ômicron
Brazil has its first two confirmed cases of the micron variant

Illustrative image of the micron variant of the Corona virus

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – A Brazilian who returned to Brazil last week from South Africa and his wife tested positive for the micronized variant of the coronavirus, confirming the first two cases in Brazil, the National Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa) reported on Tuesday. New lineage country.

The missionary couple is in isolation at home and is not showing symptoms of illness, according to health authorities in Sao Paulo, where the cases have been identified.

And in the face of the positive diagnosis, the couple were instructed to remain in isolation at home. The São Paulo State Department of Health said in a statement that both are under state and municipal monitoring in São Paulo, along with their families.

Sao Paulo’s health minister, Jan Gornstein, said in an interview with CNN Brasil, that no records had been found of them vaccinating against Covid-19.

According to Anvisa, the couple underwent a PCR test at Garulhos airport on the 25th with the aim of returning to South Africa, when he was diagnosed with Covid.

“The agency confirms that the passenger’s entry into Brazil took place on November 23, that is, before the global notification on the identification of the new variant, which was first reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) by South Africa on November 24,” Anfisa said, also noting The ticket also preceded the publication of an ordinance banning flights to Brazil that depart from or travel through South Africa and other countries in southern Africa.

Anvisa added: “Anvisa has also worked for the Ministry of Health and Municipal Health Secretariats of the State of São Paulo on the health event set on today’s date for the adoption of relevant public health measures.”

The discovery of Ômicron sparked global concern, leading many countries to restrict travel from South Africa out of fear that it would spread rapidly even in vaccinated populations. The World Health Organization (WHO) said it poses a “very high” global risk of an outbreak.

Another Brazilian who passed through South Africa, who arrived in Guarulhos on the 27th, also tested positive for Covid-19 and is waiting for his sample result to see if he contracted the Ômicron variant. The patient was isolated and placed in residential quarantine.

(by Pedro Fonseca, in Rio de Janeiro, published by Maria Pia Palermo)

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