September 28, 2023
Brazil has not complied with the US proposal to protect the free internet

Brazil has not complied with the US proposal to protect the free internet

China, India and Russia were also exempt from the declaration; Initiative calls to the Internet with free information flow

You United States (United States) This Thursday (28.Ap.2022) DFI (Declaration for the Future of the Internet) recommends an open network with free flow of information. However, Brazil has not complied with this proposal.

The initiative had the support and signatures of about 60 countries and the European Commission. Apart from Brazil, China, India and Russia are not included in the announcement.

The purpose of this project is to ensure that digital technologies do not exist “Weak” Respect for democracy and human rights.

Countries have agreed not to use net neutrality and use the Internet to influence electoral processes, nor to deliberately slow down the web or invest in misinformation campaigns for specific users.

The declaration is supported by Germany, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Spain, France, Japan, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

According to Tim Woo, technical assistant to the U.S. presidency, the plan is not aimed at a specific country, but expresses concern about media censorship and illegal surveillance.

In a statement, The White House Says that there is “Increasing Digital Dictatorship Trend”Data is used to suppress freedom of expression, to interfere in elections, to deny human rights to citizens, and to censor independent newspapers.