February 6, 2023
"Brazil kicked you out!"  ;  Deborah Albuquerque is blown up on the web after she mocked Deolane's departure from A Fazenda 14

“Brazil kicked you out!” ; Deborah Albuquerque is blown up on the web after she mocked Deolane’s departure from A Fazenda 14

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The two were huge rivals in the house and starred in several fights while incarcerated.

Deborah and Diolan - Image: Playback/Record TV
Deborah and Diolan – Image: Playback/Record TV

Dulan Bezerra He was undoubtedly the protagonist farm 14🇧🇷 Known for her explosive personality, the lawyer didn’t mince her words when she clashed with game participants. He was one of her biggest competitors during her incarceration Deborah AlbuquerqueWho did not miss the opportunity to mock the departure of the blonde last Sunday (04).

on social networks, Deborah taunts Deolane’s departure in the final segment of the programme, and catches up with her rival and sisters🇧🇷 “Diulan fired! Babe, Pele, Iran…they will have the peace they deserve! Arjuna Calvis”, Redhead cut off. In another tweet, she Again provoked after Muranguinho, Petala and Pia threatened to leave the program following the departure of a leader Collection🇧🇷 “So it will be better than the ranking? The fake Swedes really haven’t failed”mocked the influencer.

However, Deborah’s mockery wasn’t respected well by netizens, who ended up criticizing the redhead’s situation.🇧🇷 Arjuna, why is her mother in the hospital? You obviously do everything for the money, like people who don’t care about their families.said one of the users in the post. “The disqualified one who left is my sweetheart Shay! I’m disqualified! Dio is disqualified! It’s so simple!”said another. You were not expelled! and gave up! Brazil kicked you out! “, another commented.

I understand Deolane’s departure

Last Sunday (04), Diane and Danielle, the Dulan sistersHe made a move in front of the headquarters farm 14Demanding that the lawyer depart from reality. At that time they said that their mother, Solange Bezerra, he was taken to hospital and the worker was not notified by the broadcaster. Because of this, they called for a clause in the program contract where they had to notify any of the relatives if they fell ill.

“I called all the directors and they refuse to inform my sister that my mother is in this situation. This is negligence, failure to help, and false imprisonment.” He shot Daniele in an Instagram Live broadcast. After hours, Deolane’s team confirms that she is no longer confined to the rural reality from RecordTV.