December 2, 2023
Brazil leaves the United States, but loses first in the league  Volleyball

Brazil leaves the United States, but loses first in the league Volleyball

This Saturday, Brazil suffered its first defeat in the Men’s Volleyball Nations League. Nilsson played at the Nelson Gymnasium and received the most spectators at a sporting event in Brasilia this year, with about ten thousand fans on the stand, the Brazilian team taking the lead, but allowing the United States to return, which won the game. 1 by 3 sets (21/25, 27/25, 25/20 and 25/20).

As a result, only the United States and France have not yet failed in this edition of the Men’s League of Nations.

Best Moments: Men's Volleyball Nations League Brazil 1 x 3 USA

Best Moments: Men’s Volleyball Nations League Brazil 1 x 3 USA

Brazil’s opponent Allen is the highest scorer in the game with 23 points. With the brand, he became the highest scorer to date in the League of Nations. Jack Haynes of the United States finished the game with 19 points.

– Our team started the game better. Until the second set we played a very controversial game. Our service started to drop a little bit, they started to play well on defense and coverage, and we had more trouble spinning the ball, while they were happy with the counter-attacks – analyzed by Setter Bruninho.

Brazil USA Volleyball Nations League – Photo: Revelation

Brazil returns to court this Sunday at 10am when they face China at the Nilsson Nelson Gymnasium. Live broadcast of the Globo and sportv2 competition, and ge Tracks everything in real time.

The two undefeated men in the Men’s League of Nations, Brazil and the United States, played the first set, which was marked by a draw. Pushed by the crowd, the hosts were in the lead, with the Americans one point behind for the most part. However, the Brazilian security and service set began to work from the final half. Franco’s attack, using a block, was won by Brazil 25/21 in 27 minutes.

After trailing on the scoreboard, the United States came back better in the second set. The spectators dominated the offensive action and gave the impression that they would have no problem balancing the overall score of the game. Brazil, however, benefited from the errors of the US service and found itself in security and balanced the set. In the final, the Americans were cool and, in detail, finished the set with a 27/25 victory.

Brazil vs USA – Photo: Lucas McGulles

The draw also dictated the start of the third set. Most of the time both teams were close on the scoreboard. In the third set, however, came the time to better defend the United States. Although Renault Dal Soto tried to change attacking options such as the entry of Setter Fernando and Central Isaac, the Americans had no problem finishing the third set 25/20.

Brazil returned to the fourth quarter, forced to win the set to stay alive in the game. However, the team was caught in service errors, which prevented the team from exiting the scoreboard. Taking advantage of the mistakes of its own alliance, the United States began to attack more precisely. Opposite Jack Haynes and center Jeffrey Jenkins were left on the court and helped the Americans finish the set 25/20 and the game 3 sets 1.