July 15, 2024

Brazil opens a new genome sequencing center; Know what the plans are

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Brazil opens a new genome sequencing center;  Know what the plans are
Brazil opens a new genome sequencing center;  Know what the plans are

The Ministry of Health inaugurated on Monday (6) a Brazilian Genome Sequencing Research Center. This initiative is part of the Genomes Brasil program, which was created to sequence the DNA of 100,000 Brazilians and help diagnose and treat rare and complex diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

This is the third axis of genome sequencing in the program and is part of the Professor’s Molecular Biology Laboratory complex. Dr. Fernando Eugenio Santos Cruz Filho, MD, of the National Institute of Cardiology (INC), in Rio de Janeiro.

With a new hub, Brazil is expanding its ability to sequence the genomes of its own population (Photo: Reproduction/Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke/Pixabay)

The other two are installed at the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, and at the Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) Foundation, also in Rio de Janeiro.

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How will the new lab work?

The new genome sequencer, installed at the INC, is capable of sequencing about 4,000 to 5,000 complete human genomes in one year. According to Saeed, it is considered one of the most powerful equipment in the world.

The site will be used primarily for the development of the National Cardiovascular Genome Network project. “The analyzes will track and map the genetic cardiovascular diseases that often lead to sudden death, and identify potential individual risks through genetic testing,” according to the volume.

Specifically, researchers must sequence a piece of DNA called the exome — the part of the genome that encodes genes — from patients with genetic cardiovascular disease, who had already been treated by SUS.

Brazilian Genome Sequencing Program

Launched in 2020, Seid explains the Genomes Brasil program that seeks to lay “the foundations for the development and implementation of precision healthcare in the near future in the Unified Health System (SUS)”.

In the field of precision health, a patient’s known medical data – such as personal and family history, clinical and laboratory tests – is linked to the patient’s genetic profile.

With this exchange of knowledge, it is possible to choose the safest treatments that yield the best results. There is also the possibility of pre-detecting the possibility of developing certain diseases.

In the early stages, the program seeks to sequence genes from people with rare diseases, heart disease, cancer, or infectious diseases. The idea is to help with prevention, treatment, and medical diagnosis.

According to Health, the selection of these diseases was based on the number of cases in the country and the costs they generate annually for SUS.

Source: Brazil Agency NS Ministry of Health

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