June 7, 2023
Brazil ranks third among the countries with the most expensive gasoline in the world

Brazil ranks third among the countries with the most expensive gasoline in the world

The Oxford Economics accounts for Brazilians are not very encouraging news. The research shows that Brazil ranks third among the countries, in addition to the Eurozone, with The most expensive gasoline. For this result, the value of a liter of fuel and the purchasing power of the citizen were taken into consideration.

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Taking into account the 6-year period, the Gasoline price It is up 57%, with new highs expected if Petrobras Stay with the current international parity policy. To give you an idea, a liter of regular gasoline today is equivalent to 9% of the average daily salary in Brazil.

Gasoline prices in Brazil and other countries

Brazilians end up paying more when it comes to fueling their cars with petrol. The cost of the product here is more expensive than in other countries.

In Mexico, for example, it equals 7% of daily income, in Turkey 5%, in Chile 3%, Russia 3%, South Africa 2%, Colombia 1%.

In general, our country is associated with Pakistan, second only to the Philippines with 19% and Indonesia with 13%. These are the places where gasoline is more expensive compared to a citizen’s income.

Historic high

One of the reasons for the rise in fuel prices, which is not only limited to gasoline, but also diesel it’s the Cooking gas, can be related to the Import Parity Pricing Policy (PPI). It has been in effect since October 2016.

Practically, it links the price of petroleum products to what is practiced in the international market. Since the change occurred, Brazilian fuels have reached historic high levels, outpacing inflation by more than 30%.

Bearing in mind that prior to the adoption of the PPI, the state-owned company used the “dirty float” system, which facilitates increases for consumers at the time of adjusting fuel prices.