June 26, 2022
Brazil will face Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon in the Qatar Cup Group G |  National Magazine

Brazil will face Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon in the Qatar Cup Group G | National Magazine

The FIFA This Friday (1) the eight groups of the FIFA World Cup Qatar.

The party was lavish, to be fair An investment equivalent to one trillion Brazilian reals in infrastructure works, such as the eight World Cup stadiums. Convention Center Doha Received two thousand guests.

In the opening speech, chief FIFAGianni Infantino said the world is still divided. He called for an end to conflicts and called for peace and dialogue without naming Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Infantino had a long relationship with the state due to the last World Cup, which was held on Russian soil.

The party presented the official mascot during the party. The friendly face is based on the traditional headscarf of Arab culture and is called “leaib” which means “a very skilled player”.

The World Cup song also appeared on Friday for the first time.. But the champions of the lottery were the pots. Among the 32 participants in the World Cup Qatarthe names of 29 countries were on the dots – there will still be three dots filled after the replay in June.

Among the many possibilities, the draw held a colossal coincidence: Brazil will face two opponents who were also in the selection group at the last World Cup. Four years later, Serbia and Switzerland are back again – matches on November 24 and 28. The start will be in the same stadium as the final Lusail.

“There are two teams, although they are European teams, but they’re not on the first shelf, right? I think with that, we’re optimistic,” Junior says.

We conclude the first stage on December 2nd in Cameroon which we actually faced in 1994 and 2014.

The captain of the Penta team, Cafu was on stage as one of those responsible for the lottery. “It is always difficult, but when it comes to the World Cup, with the experience of four World Cups and three finals in a row, we know that Brazil has to play, but they have great chances of reaching the final,” he said at the ceremony. .

In 2018, the national team drew 1-1 with Switzerland and beat Serbia 2-0.

“It’s not an expectation and a novelty, is it? In terms of names. Of course, it’s a bigger follow-up and of course the main objective is always associated with the Brazilian national team, in its consolidation and development. The worlds bring us,” says Tite.

The draw also put two forces in the same category: four-times champions Germany were relegated to the group Spain, which they won in 2010.

France brought the trophy from the hands of Didier Deschamps, coach of another world champion team, and returned it to FIFA. As of now, all the teams already know their ways to try to get their hands on it.