July 22, 2024

Brazilian arrested in US for participating in Capitol invasion – News

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Brazilian arrested in US for participating in Capitol invasion - News
Brazilian arrested in US for participating in Capitol invasion - News

Leticia Vilhena Ferreira, a native of Brazil, was arrested on a charge of participating in the United States. Capital Invasion, Held on January 6 last year during the struggle against former President Donald Trump’s election defeat. The arrest was made by the FBI Investigates the attack and identifies the attackers Of the building. Oh R7 Could not contact Brazilian security.

Authorities say they arrived in Brazil following an arrest warrant stating that a witness at the trial had received a disconnected video of “Leticia”. The witness also gave the Brazilian his cell phone number.

With this information, authorities located Ledicia’s residence in the state of Illinois, about 1,129 km from Washington. The Brazilian lived there on a work visa. In April 2021, he was interviewed on the spot, he admitted to attacking Capitol along with a pro-Trump group, and collaborating with videos and photos of the invasion.

According to further inquiries, the Brazilian did not vote in the US election and went to Washington following Trump’s speech, losing the election and handing over the post to Joe Biden. She could not hear or see the former president, and she followed the crowd marching towards Capitol before the speech was over.

In the intercepted news by the FBI, Leticia regrets going with the invading team. “Do you think they are following everyone who walks in the Capitol area?” A day after the episode he asks another unidentified person.

“Do not be sad. Be prepared. We are all f ******. Yes they will follow these people”, the recipient of the message replies. “I was too irresponsible to walk there. I was with this good family. With this gentleman and two kids. Quiet walk,” concludes Leticia News. See the rest of the conversation translated from English:

Unidentified person – If they have cameras, they will go behind.
Leticia – They had cameras.
Unidentified person – How long after the break did you get there?
Leticia – I do not know. I do not see who enters. I was just walking.
Unidentified person – Well, maybe you’re fine. I think they care more about those who have overcome obstacles.
Leticia – I realized that there are obstacles even in the lawn of the park. Because I read it later.
Unidentified person – Some people there fought with the police.
Leticia – I’m very irresponsible. Yesterday was amazing.
Unidentified person – It is visible from a distance

The Capitol Invasion took place on January 6, 2021, during a joint session of the US Congress confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the November presidential election. Radical supporters who did not accept defeat invaded the area Trump accused the election of fraud – Without proof.

Images of armed invaders in the assembly center of the world’s largest military power shocked the world. Clashes broke out with the U.S. military, killing five people in the episode. Since then, FBI investigations have led to more than 750 arrests in almost every 50 US states.

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