December 6, 2023
Brazilian entrepreneur earns BRL 55 million through business ventures in the United States

Brazilian entrepreneur earns BRL 55 million through business ventures in the United States

Knowing how to negotiate is a skill that has been relevant for centuries. No matter how much the world changes, human relationships dictate the course of business. Establishing bonds of trust and proposing exchanges are the most striking personality traits of João Souza, who left the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro for more than a decade to pursue his story as an entrepreneur.

After working in the logistics industry for almost a decade, he took his firm footing in the real estate industry. Today, he is one of Orlando’s top real estate dealers in the United States. “I earned R$ 55 million last year and I want to triple that amount by December,” says Sousa. “I was born to work in the real estate market. “I didn’t know it until 2017, but today I excel in this field,” he says.

Career advancement

The 34-year-old businessman realized he had a knack for business at a young age when he tested his negotiation skills by selling kites on the beach. “I was able to sell everything I proposed. It was a remarkable discovery in my life,” he recalls. At the age of 22, Sousa decided to try himself as an entrepreneur. Encouraged by his father-in-law, he joined the logistics business with a friend. Your trucking company was born with only one truck.

The business grew rapidly, as did the challenges of running it. During his eight years on the job, he bounced back after a few bankruptcies and organizational changes. By overcoming difficulties, the businessman became stronger, but he understood that the problems of the business had a negative impact on his personal life.

“My family even received threats because of a misunderstanding with the truck drivers. “I was already thinking about changing my career when I decided to buy a house in America,” he says.

Orlando: Business Paradise

As he began spending long seasons enjoying a new home in Orlando with his partner and young daughter, Sousa began to be invited by friends to look for homes there. “I learned about this market by helping acquaintances realize their dream of owning property in America,” he says. “Starting in 2018, I started building cash flow, investing in real estate, and becoming a business owner,” he says.

“At first my strategy was simple: buy cheap and sell at a profit. After that, I understood the growth potential of the region and created great opportunities,” says Sousa.

Today, he has a company that negotiates directly with construction companies to buy houses that are still in the design phase, in areas with great potential for appreciation. With hot demand, entrepreneurs say the waiting time to buy such properties could stretch to a year.

Even at a brisk pace, housing construction in the city is not keeping pace with demand. According to the ‘Orlando 2030 Report’ by the Partnership, a public-private, non-profit organization representing seven Central Florida counties, Orlando is on pace to host 1,500 people a week for the next 11 years.

Aside from the migration movement into the United States, the city is the darling of Brazilians, who see buying property as the first step towards a solid move to the city in search of a better quality of life and better education for their children. .

Professional recognition

The relationship of trust he established with his first clients formed the foundation of Souza’s career. More than 80 thousand followers On his main social network, he uses this important showcase to inspire people. The exposure reflects positively on the business. Your customer list will only grow as a result of referrals from customers and friends. Actress Bianca Rinaldi, for example, publicly thanked Sousa for her support in finding “the perfect home in Orlando.”

The entrepreneur wants to inspire his followers to undertake just as he is inspired by the personalities he admires. Influencer Winterson Nunes is an example of humility for him, showing how it’s possible to “achieve success without going overboard.” Sosa’s professional success is recognized not only in the United States, but also in Brazil.

Last month, the entrepreneur received the Personality of the Year Award in International Entrepreneurship from the Brazilian Academy of Honors du Merit. The entrepreneur Juscelino Kubitschek Merit Cross is an award promoted by the São Paulo Cultural and Commercial Integration Center (CICESP), which has already been awarded to personalities such as Lázaro Ramos and Fernanda Montenegro.

With his business consolidated, the entrepreneur shares his story in lectures and organizes himself to further expand his business. “I take the last license to invite people and companies to invest with me in this segment which has a lot of room to grow in the coming years”, he says.