February 2, 2023

Brazilian Patriots Create Another Denial – 01/18/2023 – Flavia Poggio

After rejecting vaccines, the roundness of the Earth, the pandemic, Brazilians have created an institution of denial: democracy. Experts have called it “national denial,” which consists in challenging any element that falls within the confines of the constitution.

Unlike Flat Earth, which generates even comical moments, patriotic denial brings nothing but sadness. When his theories are challenged, he creates new, even more preposterous theses.

This is the case of lawyer Lucas Tavares, who quarreled with the driver of the app. “I said Praça dos Três Poderes had been invaded by Bolsonaros, to which he replied that they were hack leftists. I said they campaigned for Bolsonaro, the driver said they did it to infiltrate.”

One of its characteristics is that it is very resistant, being able to spend days, or even months, being challenged reality. Your opponent ends up giving up on the discussion out of pure grief. “The debate ended only because I jumped out of the moving car,” Tavares continued.

Arguing with national vice can be tantamount to torture. Some of these individuals were allegedly selected by the CIA to extract information from captured terrorists. “They confessed to the crimes and handed over their colleagues after a patriot compared himself to a Holocaust victim,” a source in the secret agency declared.

Boninho even considered creating a BBB 23 resistance test, sponsored by STF, that would take national denialists to discuss with participants at that edition. Rede Globo objected to the dynamic, fearing for the brothers’ health.

Physicists have created theories that if a person maintains an argument with a patriotic denier for more than three days, they will be able to teleport them to other space-time coordinates.

They were going to make the first attempt, but the volunteer was hospitalized for post-traumatic stress, after hearing the theory that Lola had died and could have been Replace it with a similar one.

The author also introduces herself into a discussion with a refusing patriotic relative. After hearing that Alexandre de Moraes is a reptile, she was seen wandering the streets in confusion and disappeared. It is unknown if he just escaped or went to another world.

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