December 3, 2023
Brazilian wrestler faces more career opportunity in US · TV News

Brazilian wrestler faces more career opportunity in US · TV News

Currently the leading Brazilian in the wrestling world, The carioca Tay Conti He will face the biggest opportunity of his life this Saturday (13) night. Star AEW, One of the largest wrestling leagues in the world, will compete for the company’s women’s title for the second time in a clash with champion Brit Baker.

She got this opportunity because she excelled at the company – this year she has 30 hits, which has taken her to the top of the AEW Women Rankings. This is a turning point for judoka Removed by giant WWE Last year, in the cuts caused by the epidemic.

But Carioca was out of work for a while. A few weeks after leaving the ring, the AEW and Tag call came Shocked corporate employees With their athletic and technical conflicts.

In an exclusive interview with TV news, Judoka explains that there is no such thing as “special” fighting. The Brazilian wants to continue working in her seriousness, because, for her, the opportunity may come at any time: ” I usually say, we must always be ready. I’m always ready and always training for the best fight of my life. “

Despite the tension for the clash tonight, the militant has kept his feet on the ground. According to Dane, the current AEW champion is doing an impeccable job at Mike and Ring. With the crowd by her side, she expects the stadium to react to the conflict: ” It will be well divided. It’s new and different to me. “

Judoka knows the importance of Brazilian fans, even if the public is divided. In order to honor his fans in the country, Day says he will fight abroad for all the Brazilian people.

The number of fans is low Wrestling This does not match the noise the crowd makes here. With the increase of Brazilian militants in the AEW, the interest of the national public also grew. As a result, the Space Channel signed an agreement with the company to broadcast weekly shows live.

Through the exhibition held last Wednesday (10), the Brazilian public was able to see the fights of Tay Conti and Cezar Bononi. Adrian Jawd And Junior Dose Santos, also known as Chicano, lives there. Excited by the news, Kariyoga chuckles on the live broadcast: “This is a very exciting thing.”

Every Wednesday at 10pm (GMT), Space broadcasts AEW Dynamite. On Fridays, at midnight, the Rampage show is shown on the same channel.

Plans for the future

Before competing for the AEW Women’s Belt, the Rio-based judoka already has plans for the future. The company has not announced the creation of titles for the female duo – as it already happens to men – so Day intends to take the initiative himself:

I will always talk to Anna Jay [parceira de duplas], And our goal is to create a female tag section in AEW. We will do it. We had an example of icons [atualmente conhecidas como The Iinspiration] In WWE. They were the forerunners, and they began to develop there. We have this as an example. We are on the right track, we do what we can and manage to prove our worth. But now be patient.

Apart from this project, Judoka is also thinking about other possibilities in the wrestling company. When asked which fighter she wants to form a team with, Karioka hesitates a bit, but concludes: “I think with Adrian [Jaoude], He has not been hired yet, but it will be my first choice.

In preparation for the title shot, check out Dane’s latest fight on AEW: