September 24, 2023
Brazilians from the Ukrainian national team arrived at the Polish border on foot

Brazilians from the Ukrainian national team arrived at the Polish border on foot

Two Brazilian players from Ukraine Rukh Lviv are about to cross the country’s border with Poland. And the player, Edson Fernando, posted on Instagram, recordings of an attempt to leave Ukrainian territory alongside his compatriot Thales Brenner and Argentine Fabricio Alvarenga, in addition to other companions.

Lviv, the city in which they work, is located in the west of the country, across the border with Russia. And the players left yesterday (24) towards the border in a car, but they were stuck in traffic.

Edson posted this morning (25) a photo of him walking with his buddies on the side of a highway. The group, made up of about 11 members, is shown walking at the register carrying suitcases and suitcases.

“After the march on the Polish border. All the best, thank God,” he wrote. After that, the athlete shared a post from someone telling him that he managed to get to the border with Poland, but that they were still unable to enter the country due to the large influx of people wanting to do the same.

Edson Fernando - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Edson Fernando’s Brazilian colleagues from Rukh Lviv, Ukraine, have arrived at the border with Poland, but have not yet entered the country

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Bahia revealed that the 23-year-old moved to the Ukrainian club about a month ago, at the end of January this year. On the other hand, Thales left Brazil in early 2021 to contract with Olympique Donetsk, who is also from Ukraine, and was signed by Lviv’s Rukh last year. Argentine Fabricio Alvarenga, who defended Curitiba In 2018, in football Ukrainian since 2020.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Russia carried out a “special military operation” that included Air strikes and ground invasion in Ukraine. Because of this, the country passed martial law and The Ukrainian championship has been suspended. The The Brazilian embassy in Kiev said that the Brazilian athletes will be evacuated from the region.