September 26, 2023


Unfortunately, a significant part of the population of Brazil bears a dirty name. That is, negative. In addition, those people who have Serasa or SPC restrictions face difficulties in obtaining loans. Many banks consider customers with dirty names to present a high risk of default. However, passive Brazilians will now be able to get credit in a much easier way, with an amount of up to R$3,000.

This loan can be used for various purposes, such as payment of water, rent, electricity bills, purchase of raw materials for your company or goods for resale. In this way, the goal is really to help Brazilians who do not have access to loans, in general. Want to know more? Check it out below.

The loan is aimed at entrepreneurs, check it out. (Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

Can passive Brazilians apply for a loan?

Unfortunately, Brazilians with negative or low credit scores struggle when they try to apply for loans. Because, as mentioned, it is common for traditional banks and even those new to the market to reject the request. This is due to insecurity regarding the payment of the required amount.

However, these Brazilians will now have the opportunity to obtain a loan of up to R$3,000 through a premium bank, Caixa Econômica Federal.

Specifically, one of the bank’s goals is to help Brazilian entrepreneurs. Specifically, the bank supports entrepreneurship and provides MEI opportunities to expand, start or improve its business. One such opportunity is Sim Digital – Crédito Caixa Tem, a loan offer that caters to even passive Brazilians.

The Digital Sim is intended for both individual entrepreneurs, who have not yet formalized a business, and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs).

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What are the conditions for applying for a loan?

Individuals interested in Sim Digital need to meet certain requirements. First, you must want to start or improve your business. In addition, it is necessary to update the registration with the CAIXA Tem, which is a Caixa Tem savings account and to comply with other loan rules.

As mentioned, individuals with unclean names can order up to R$3,000. However, it is necessary to have less than 3 thousand riyals in bank debt, excluding housing finance and unused limits. This method includes recipients of Auxílio Brasil. Finally, you can apply for a personal loan directly through CAIXA Tem, in a fully digital way.

Also, individual micro-entrepreneurs can apply for the loan at Caixa branches. For the requirements, it is necessary to have an activity of 12 months or more as an MEI, annual revenue of less than 81 thousand SAR, to have a corporate account and to comply with other rules of the program. As in the other method, it is necessary to have less than 3 thousand riyals in bank debt on 01/31/2022.

A detailed guide for individuals

1. First, download the “CAIXA Tem” app from the app stores of your cell phone (Play Store or App Store). To make it easier, use the links below.

  • Android:
  • IOS:

2. Next, access the CAIXA Tem app and update your registration, if necessary. Therefore, upon request, Caixa will conduct a credit analysis within 10 days.

4. If the credit is approved, it is possible to apply for the loan in the “Loan – Credit CAIXA Tem” option. Finally, the funds will be deposited directly into your SAVINGS CAIXA Tem account.

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