May 28, 2023

Brazil’s ideal minimum wage surprises residents; See value

Millions of workers receive a less pay Per month. The value of 1,302 Brazilian reals is almost a miracle for many people, who manage to pay off debts and bills every month. However, there is no way to forget the financial hardships that many people have to face every day, receiving only the national minimum wage.

In February, workers in Brazil Surprised with the income they should have received. According to the latest survey issued by the department Interunion Association for Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (Dieese), The ideal minimum wage should be R$6,547.58 in the second month of 2023.

This amount would be the dream of millions of workers who receive much less than that every month. In fact, the value predicted by Dieese is 5.10 times greater than the current minimum wage in the country (R$1,302).

By the way, even the new national floor value, which should go into effect from May, is nowhere near that mark. In short, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party) promised, until 2022, a minimum wage of R$1,320 for the year 2023. After many discussions, the value will really start to affect the country. However, the floor is still far from ideal.

This is not surprising, and it shouldn’t even be something to only dream about, but the country’s workers would like to have wages capable of meeting all the basic needs of their families. This includes not only food, but also health, education and entertainment, among other very important factors as well. but, a less pay In Brazil it is still much smaller than it should be.

Ideal minimum wage x basic basket

Dieese publishes a monthly survey of the price changes of the items that make up the basic food basket. From this data, the entity calculates the ideal minimum wage, taking into account the value of the basic food basket The most expensive in the country per month.

According to the entity, The ideal minimum wage in Brazil would be able to meet the needs of the population. To determine the ideal value for workers in the state, the estimates took into account the basic basket of the state of São Paulo, which was the most expensive last month.

In short, the basic basket value refers to a group staple foodsthose needed for an adult’s meals for a month. Dieese account is a family of two adults and two children.

By the way, since 1938 there has been a menu that defines foods that are essential for family survival. This list consists of 13 essential items and is regulated by a decree. Check out the items below:

Quite surprisingly, a new ideal minimum wage scares all Brazilians. Photo: Disclosure/Lola

  1. Meat;
  2. Milk;
  3. beans;
  4. rice;
  5. precise;
  6. potato;
  7. vegetables;
  8. bread;
  9. coffee;
  10. the fruit;
  11. sugar;
  12. oil;
  13. ghee.

A worker commits more than half of the salary

The DIES survey considered the country’s most expensive basic food basket in February to estimate the country’s minimum wage. Last month, São Paulo had the most expensive basket, with a value of R$779.38. By the way, the basic food basket was cheaper in 13 of the 17 capitals surveyed in February.

The survey compared the cost of the basket with the net minimum wage. In this case, Dieese factored in Social Security-related deductions, which are 7.5%.

Thus, the value of the basic basket corresponds to 59.9% of the minimum wage in force in the country (1302 Brazilian reals), That is, the worker who received the national minimum wage in February, who lived in São Paulo, spent more than half of his income to buy a basic food basket.

In addition, the survey also showed the average time required for a worker in the state of São Paulo to purchase products from the basic food basket. to know, Area specialists needed to work 131 hours and 41 minutes in February to purchase the products.

The national average was also very high last month. However, working time in Brazil was not, in general, as high as in São Paulo, coming in at 114 hours and 38 minutes. In fact, this value was lower than in the state of São Paulo because other places surveyed had cheaper basic food baskets.

By the way, according to data from Dieese, The cheapest basic food basket in the country was in Aracaju (R$552.97). If this were the most expensive basic basket in the country in February, the minimum wage would have been R$4,645.51, a much lower value compared to the basic basket in São Paulo, however, still much higher than the current national minimum wage.

Finally, in Aracaju, workers had to work 93 hours and 26 minutes in February to purchase a basic food basket. This means that a person had to work approximately 40 hours overtime to purchase the same basic food basket in São Paulo.