February 6, 2023
"Breathe, so you don't get the same level"

“Breathe, so you don’t get the same level”

Thursday afternoon (24), Lucas He was alone in the gym BBB 22 And the He blew up the “jokes” he didn’t like at home. In a mysterious way, the brother did not mention Asma, but showed fatigue from what is happening in confinement, thinking about the situation.

“Breathe, so you don’t get into the same level of banter, a level of banter that’s not nice, that’s arrogant, don’t do it, breathe, breathe,” he said, lying in the gym. The brother said that although he did not reveal what these jokes were The last game of discord, that Gustavo’s jokes annoyed others in the house, considering him “the most obnoxious”following the dynamics of the game.

Lucas continued to get angry: “Actually, he gives a warning, and says, ‘Do you want to play like this? So let’s play it this way, it’s ok for me, hopefully it’s fine for you too. That’s it, if you can handle play, you have to accept play too. It makes me feel a little upset, if I played it wouldn’t be great,” he said.

In recent weeks, Lucas has had contact with some of the house brothers, such as Scooby, Paulo Andre and Arthur. In this case, there was a public discussion between them after Lucas pointed the surfer straight to the wall. In addition, Gustavo, who became his ally in the game, stated that he would like to see everyone go to the wall, like Slovenia, Lucas’ housemate.