January 31, 2023
BRF (BRFS3) has a new board appointed by Marfrig (MRFG3) with Previ

BRF (BRFS3) has a new board appointed by Marfrig (MRFG3) with Previ

BRF shareholders (BRFS3On Monday (28), at an Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting (AGOE), it approved the formation of a new Board of Directors, with the list being presented by its largest shareholder, Marfrig (MRFG3) According to a source who followed the vote.

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On Sunday afternoon (27), Privi, a pension fund for employees of the Bank of Brazil, informed Marfrig that they had agreed to appoint Aldo Luis Mendes, PhD in economics from the University of São Paulo, former vice president of finance at the Bank of Brazil and former director of the Central Bank, from Order the list that will compose the BRF board of directors.

The name Mendes is a reference to Previ, and it fulfills the requirements to be a member of the aforementioned Board of Directors. After the agreement, Privy decided to withdraw the application for the adoption of the multiple voting system for the election of members of the BRF Board of Directors, submitted on 24 ”, informed the Pension Fund. Oscar de Paula Bernardes Neto withdrew his candidacy.

The decision was communicated to the BRF in a joint memorandum signed by Previ and Marfrig.

Marfrig submitted a ten-member list, of which there is no room for a Privy representative. The pension fund did not agree and Request, last week, multiple voting to elect.

Unlike a closed list, multiple voting allows shareholders to vote individually for each candidate on the board. And behind the movement, in a way, was “the fund’s attempt to stop the dominance of [Marcos] mill [que lidera a Marfrig]Now, by agreement, there will be a representative of the pension fund.

The new board is listed below:

For the Chairman, the name indicated is Molina, with Sergio Real, former CEO of Santander Brasil (San B 11) and the current bank president as vice president. Other authoritative names for Molina are also part of it, such as his wife Marcia Marcel dos Santos, and Eduardo Bosetti, of Marfrig’s Supervisory Board.

Completing the ticket, Altamir Batista da Silva, former banker at JP Morgan and Safra; Pedro de Camargo neto, rural producer who formerly headed the Abipecs (Pork Exporters Association); and Deborah Vietas, CEO of Amcham and Director of Santander, as well as Aldo Luiz Mendes.

Among the current directors, two should follow: Augusto Cruz, former CEO of Pão de Açúcar (PCAR3), and Flávia Bittencourt, president of Adidas.

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