February 2, 2023
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British Columbia complaints increase in 2022

In the first quarter of last year, it was lend Payroll ended up becoming the financial service with the most complaints in the country. According to the central bank, this type of credit It was he who posed the greatest number of problems, especially with regard to unnecessary deductions. In addition to contracts made by third parties.

And now, through the system of amounts due to the Central Bank (BC), beneficiaries and employees of the National Institute of Social Security will be able to recover the value of unnecessary deductions. So, to learn more, see below.

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So, first, it is worth noting that a file lend Payroll is a specific type of credit Banks Offered to people who meet certain requirements. Additionally, premiums are deducted directly on the payroll or benefit of the person being hired. This makes credit safer for the organization, and cheaper for the contractor.

Basically, in addition to lower than usual interest rates, a payroll loan offers many advantages, such as: lower risk of default; It is easier to agree; permission to apply for a loan for passive persons; No guarantor or credit evaluator is required.

Finally, for those servers, workers, and beneficiaries with unfair payroll loan deductions, we have good news! It is possible to refer to the BC value system in the second stage of payments, which will begin on May 2. Although it was not informed of the repayment dates for the second stage, the central bank has already started the first wave of receivables, since last March 7.

To make the query, access the amounts due website, enter your details and if there is a possibility of refunds, check the reported history, as well as the withdrawal details.

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