August 19, 2022
Lorna Garnett Trocada Refugiada

British woman abandoned by her husband as a refugee – 10 days after being sheltered – breaks silence: ‘Nobody knows the truth’

Tony Garnett It became news in May after leaving his wife, Lorna Garnettstay with Sophia KarkademAnd the Refugee From the Ukrainian war they were protected in the couple’s home. This week, Lorna broke her silence and spoke about the issue to The Sun. She also won a restraining order against her ex-husband after he was accused of bombarding her with “abusive messages”.

According to her, this situation turned her life upside down. “I never imagined this could happen to me. I used to be extroverted and energetic, but now I don’t like leaving the house.”, mentioned. In her sensitive blast, Lorna told how bad she felt about all this exposure. “Tony seems to like the attention, but I can’t stand it. I am offended by all of this. Nobody really knows the truth.”The British pointed out.

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After the painful separation, Lorna said she wanted peace to start her life over with her two daughters, the fruit of her marriage to Tony. “After eight years together, I thought I knew him, but I didn’t. All I want now is peace to rebuild my life with our two girls. I hope the restraining order will give me that. I will never stop you from seeing your girls, I only want the best for them. But I refuse to let them play.” in a circus show.Garnett concluded.

Lorna Garnett lamented how history turned her life upside down. (Photo: Playback / TikTok)

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The love triangle has been making the world talk for months. The story began when Sophia was running away from her war in Ukraine. She crossed her country’s border into Poland, and then went to GermanyHe waited for the government to approve his visa. After that, the blonde took a trip to Manchester, in United kingdom. That’s when Tony offered to shelter her in his house, where he lived with his wife and two daughters.

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In just over 10 days, Lorna has already suspected the involvement of Tony and Sophiawho spoke the same language. After an argument between the two, the British woman asked the Ukrainian refugee to leave her home. What the wife did not expect is that in the face of this situation, her husband decided to pack his bags to leave with Karkadem.

Tony even apologized for the pain he had caused, but noted that he had already expected to continue with Sophia for a long time: “We plan the rest of our lives together”. The security guard claimed that, from the start, he only intended to help. Ukraine is the size of the UK, and if we get invaded, hopefully the world will step in to help. That was all I wanted to do, but things took a very unexpected turn.”pointed out.

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“I knew I couldn’t give it up and suddenly I felt like a no-brainer, I knew this was what I wanted. We didn’t intend to do it and it wasn’t planned and we didn’t want to hurt anyone.”The man announced. Tony further stated that his relationship with Lorna actually ended before he left alongside Sophia. According to the security guard, this decision cost him his job and his livelihood.

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Tony and Sophia go together at a new address. (Photo: clone)

Amid all this, Sophia was left partially blind. She suffered from an eye infection in Germany while traveling to the UK and had to have an operation to restore her sight. Now, she’s facing a long recovery, while Tony says he’ll be her caretaker. The new couple spent a while of living at Garnett’s parents’ house, but are now at a new address. This week, the man decided to provide shelter to two Ukrainian refugees, Sofia Rastorhoyeva and Ilya Tronivich, 19 and 22, respectively.