July 24, 2024

Britney Spears was invited to speak at the US Congress about the Guardian

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This Wednesday (16), Britney Spears was invited by the United States Congress to tell the story of how she lived for more than 13 years in the care of her father, Jamie Spears, on Instagram.

“I am grateful that my story was recognized. By letter, I heard, as if it were important for the first time in my life! In a world where your own family is working against you, it is very difficult to find people who understand and express empathy, ”he wrote on Instagram.

The letter, sent to Princess Bob and her lawyer, Matthew Rosencard, states in part:

It should be remembered that during the years he was in the care of his father, the money Britney earned through shows, music, advertising, etc. was in Jamie’s care, and that money was paid to both her family – for legal representation. In favor of the defender – and Britney’s representation, as explained in the text, was not chosen by him.

The letter invites the artist to speak in their own words his entire journey of 13 years in which he was in custody. “There is no doubt that your story will enhance countless others beyond the thousands you have already been inspired by your art.” The text indicates that Britney was not forced to accept the invitation, but that she would appreciate learning more about the emotional and financial trauma she faces in the Guardian system if she so desires.

Britney in the post is not guaranteed to accept the invitation, but feels she has heard. “Again, I’m not here to sacrifice, yet I will first admit that I’m very confused. I want to help others in vulnerable situations, I want to be alive and brave with the balls,” she says.

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