February 8, 2023

Britta Gill has been diagnosed with bowel cancer

Black generation He was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The singer herself used social networks to tell us what happened.

“I was hospitalized 6 days ago at Clínica São Vicente, in Rio de Janeiro, due to the discomfort I was feeling and, thank God, today I received a final diagnosis. Adenocarcinoma of the last part of the intestine. I will start my treatment next Monday,” he said in a post. I rely on everyone’s energy to stay calm and confident.”

Brita Gil has been hospitalized since Thursday (5), when she arrived at Clínica São Vicente, in Rio de Janeiro, and was urgently hospitalized. At first, the consulting artist stated that she only stayed on site to do some tests.

Last Sunday (8), she spoke for the first time about the treatment in the hospital, and said that she was still undergoing examinations to find out what was going on.

“This message goes directly to my fans, admirers and those who send me love and energy. Yes, since Thursday I have been hospitalized at Clinica Sao Vicente in Rio de Janeiro. I ended up here with abdominal pain. Since then, we have been running a series of tests to find out my prognosis.” Exactly,” he began.

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She also revealed that she made the post to reassure fans, as she has not communicated on social media since then.

“I don’t want you to worry, I am being well assisted by a medical team. I am surrounded by my family and close friends and I am confident that whatever it is, we will handle it and I will be fine.”

“I have a lot of faith in God, in Orixa, in saints and in life. Once I have more accurate information, I will share it with you, as I always have over the years. I love you, I look after you, take care of those you love and be at peace.”

What is adenocarcinoma?

An adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that originates in glandular cells and can develop in different organs of the body, such as the prostate, stomach, intestines, lungs, breast, uterus or pancreas, for example. Information from Tua Saúde, linked to Rede D’Or.

The development of an adenoma depends on the moment of diagnosis and the place where the tumor originated. Its growth may be slower, which must be monitored regularly, or its growth is faster, with a greater risk of malignancy, and treatment must be more urgent.

Thus, it is important to consult a GP or an oncologist as soon as alterations suggestive of adenocarcinoma are identified, as it is possible to start treatment shortly thereafter.

Brita-Gill condition, in which adenocarcinoma is found in the intestine, is the most common type of cancer in the population. It responds well to treatment, especially if caught early, without reaching other organs of the body.

One way to detect it early is to have colonoscopy screenings, as well as an analysis of your family history, risk factors, and age over 50.

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