September 24, 2023
Britta Gill recovers from Covid and reveals the sequel;  paying off

Britta Gill recovers from Covid and reveals the sequel; paying off

Britta Gill, 47, recovering from Covid-19. The information was released by the singer herself.

“Today I received from my doctor I came out of my isolation. I’m still at home and taking care of myself, the virus can leave some supplements, in my case – and this second time – just stress,” Britta Gill wrote, on Instagram, revealing that illness left him with a supplement.

She continued, “Tomorrow I will start lung physical therapy and exercises to restore my breath and muscle strength. Everyone has a different immune system, so stay tuned for symptoms so you can treat and rehabilitate your body properly.”

After that, the singer issued a warning about the progress of the Ômicron variant in Brazil. “This variant is less lethal, but not weak, it has been at least 5 days of feeling very bad. Thank God, I’m fine, my Santinhas and Orixás, and I will continue all the care I have been taking since the beginning of the epidemic, even more attentive”, As warned.

Finally, encourage the singer to self-care. “I still haven’t returned to my concert schedule, I have only frequented work or leisure environments, where everyone has been tested, and yet, in some rags, I have polluted myself. So, all little care and responsibility, more than ever, It is the word order. As soon as I can, I will take my booster dose of the vaccine. Take care of yourself,” concluded Britta Gill.