Browns GM doesn’t see the Wentz deal as a cautionary tale for QB Baker Mayfield

In a year that the ring midfielder is spinning at an accelerating rate, the Cleveland Browns, who usually pass through QBs like remotes, are delighted to have found one they finally cling to in the long run.

Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry has expressed his belief that Baker Mayfield has proven capable of taking his game to the next level and stabilizing a franchise that has been in flux.

“The quarterback is in my opinion the most important center in professional sports,” Perry said Wednesday. Via regular Cleveland dealer. “ And until you have a basic level of midfield play at a winning level, it is really difficult to win and make progress in the NFL, and many times if this position is not fruitful or not solidified, it can feel like working in neutral.

“ This is something we definitely haven’t lost on us and we certainly haven’t lost as an organization. ”

There have been some tough corrections, especially in 2019, but Brown thinks their first win in an eons playoff appears to show that Mayfield is the better man in the long run.

Entering its fourth season, Mayfield and the Browns are seated at what has become a crossroads for clubs. Many stretches immense stretches, while others roll in with a fifth-year option and then have a mark of excellence at their disposal. Brown has until May 3 to exercise a fifth-year option, which is guaranteed to hit only.

Berry indicated that he would not use Wentz’s position and the next $ 33.8 million money to inform his decision on Mayfield.

Perry said, “I don’t know that anything that happened to any of the other 31 teams has had a big impact, in terms of how we handled the quarterback situation here.” For me, we’ll internally evaluate and make a decision that we think is best for our team and our organization. I think it would be an exaggeration to say that this would be a cautionary tale or some kind of scheme for us. We will make the best decision for us with the information available to us. “

Whether or not Brown Baker’s hand is a formidable new extension, Perry expects QB to make another leap in 2021.

Perry said: “Like all of our players, we want to see him make great strides and show growth as we enter our second year in our offensive and defensive systems.” Baker is the first midfielder – you probably know more years than I do – who led this team to the qualifiers and triumphs in the play-offs.

“He endured an enormous amount of adversity in his young career quite frankly with the changes he went through with coaching staff, front offices, and offensive systems, and he rose above it all. And so I think we’ve all seen him grow from week to week in the last year and expect him to This continues to progress and for us to have a great 2021 season. ”

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