Bruce Cassidy of the Boston Bruins describes Brandon Carlo’s shot by Tom Wilson as a ‘predatory hit’

Boston Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy shook the Washington Capitals striker Tom Wilson For what he called “the predatory strike” on the defense man Brandon Carlo In a Friday Night Match at TD Garden.

Carlo fell after Wilson brought his hands to his head in the corner behind the Boston grid, smashing the defender’s head into the glass 90 seconds before halftime. Carlo absorbed an examination of a cross from Jacob Vrana On his way to the ice and stayed there for several minutes.

Cassidy said that Carlo left the square in an ambulance and went to the hospital but was unable to confirm that he had suffered a concussion.

Cassidy said of Wilson: “It seemed to me clearly as if he had hit his head. An unarmed player, a predatory hit from a player who had done that before. “I don’t understand why a penalty on the ice wasn’t called. They gathered, but I didn’t get an explanation for why.”

During his eight-year career with Capitals, Wilson has been one of the most punished – and most commented – players in the NHL. It ranks 10th among active players in the minutes of penalties, trailing only those who have been in the league five years or more longer than it.

He was not available for comment after the match.

Music fell silent in the empty square after Carlo was injured, and Bruins’ seat could be heard cursing Wilson. When Carlo finally got to his skate, the only noise was hitting his teammates with sticks on the boards.

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No penalty was summoned.

When the two teams went out for the second half, the Bruins center Patrice Bergeron Skate to Wilson and talk to him while he’s lying down. Capitals star Alex Ovechkin Skate before to monitor the situation, as did an official.

Players started pushing each other after the next whistle, Capitals defender Brendan Dillon He was fired for roughing up on a transparent makeup call. With about six minutes in that time, Boston Jared Tenordy And Wilson dropped their gloves.

“Sometimes when these things happen and there is no call, the players settle it on the ice their own way, and we feel that we pushed back and did what we could and won the hockey game, and we tried to allow that precisely,” Cassidy said.

“I assume the matter will be looked at by the National Hockey League,” he added.

Bruins responded to Wilson’s injury in the second half with three goals, and saved another goal in the third period to win 5-1.

“If we put the fight aside, the men came out with four goals [in a row] Said Tinordi, who had only been playing his second game for Bruins since they demanded a waiver from Nashville.

“How close it is to this group, I am not surprised to see the players respond in such a big way after the downfall of one of our men. You cannot get players to take liberties with our players there.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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