March 26, 2023

Bruce Lee’s only living daughter shares a childhood photo with her dad and brother

Bruce Lee actor

Bruce Lee is pictured in a promotional photo for Bao Nguyen’s “Be Water,” a new “30 by 30” documentary presented by ESPN. the pictures

Martial arts star Bruce Lee made cinema history. He is best known for founding the Jeet Kune Do style, which blends several fighting styles and is considered the most influential of all time.

At the age of only 18, Lee moved to the United States and studied at the University of Washington. During this period he started teaching martial arts. His films made many people decide to learn to fight, conquering both eastern and western audiences.

Unfortunately, Bruce Lee’s career was cut short on July 20, 1973. As fate would have it, his son Brandon Lee also passed away in 1993 after he had an accident while filming one of his movies.

The only living daughter of the star is the actress and businesswoman Shannon Lee. She was only four years old when her father died. During her career, Shannon has been a singer, actress, and currently leads the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Through her official Instagram profile, the star shared a childhood photo in which she appears alongside her father and brother. The photo was shared on Father’s Day and he left me a sweet message mentioning the actor in the caption.

“The simplicity of ‘Father’—whatever that means to you at its most intricate—your warmest memory, your sincerity, your most sincere wish, your most optimistic thought. May this photo bring the soft feelings of Father’s Day from my family to our collective family!”he wrote.

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