May 31, 2023

Bruna Biancardi, who is pregnant with Neymar, is ambiguous about the choice of dresses and leaves fans on alert, who suspect: “Marriage”


The influencer posted a canvas photo accompanied by a mysterious message that left fans on edge

Bruna Biancardi, who is pregnant with Neymar, chooses a dress and the fans suspect: “Marriage”. Images: reproduction / official instagram of the influencer.

Digital influencer Bruna Biancardi, 29, left her followers by ear after releasing a very suspicious post, Thursday afternoon (27). Waiting for her firstborn, who is the second son of player Neymar Jr., 31, the famous took a close-up on a canvas and revealed that she was in the process of choosing not one, but two dresses for special occasions.

On his official Instagram stories, Biancardi posted a photo of the fabric, which appears to be light tulle with delicate pearl applications, that he chose to create. In her words, the outfit is for a special occasion. Fans, of course, quickly suspected that marriage was on the horizon, after all, she would be a happy mother next to Neymar.

Bruna Biancardi, who is pregnant with Neymar, chooses a dress and the fans suspect: “Marriage”. Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram Stories of the influencer.

Choosing clothing fabrics for two special occasions, the influencer wrote in the posted photo, causing it to become unclear what she plans to do in the near future, as she did not provide more details on anything. Naturally, fans were quick to point out that a wedding is on the way.

On Twitter, fans of the couple speculated about a possible marriage. Someone said: “This fabric is very similar to a wedding dress.” Another said: “She chooses the fabric for the wedding dress.” Another recalled “Bruna has the revelation tea, Bianca’s wedding, the auction and the trip, so many good things are coming this month”.

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