June 25, 2022
UOL - O melhor conteúdo

Bruna helps and Jose Alfredo opens Morelio’s safe

The next chapters of empireafter, after Morel (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) Bruna (Kíria Malheiros) will tell María Marta (Lilía Cabral) that she knows the password numbers for the vault that the villain possesses. “I saw from the corner of my eye”the child will say.

Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) is going with Danielle’s daughter (Maria Ribeiro) to try to open the safe. “it’s not Preparation”, the leader will comment after writing. “Yeah, hmm, I just don’t know the arrangement”, the girl will respond, annoyed by the situation.


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Suddenly, in the middle of attempts, the man in black will be able to open the safe, but will be disappointed not to find the diamond. “I swear he took the pieces from here to show my mom!”Bruna will guarantee.

“Keep calm, we believe in you. Murillo’s bastard must have suspected something and must have taken that money to some muquifo”Joe will speak. “And now?”Marta will inquire. “Now starting from scratch”You will conclude or the protagonist.

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