March 31, 2023
Bruna Marquezine Pod

Bruna Marquezine says she once considered being asexual, and explains her relationship with Xolo Maridueña after a fan “ship”; Watch

Bruna Marquezine Immerse yourself in his life experiences this Tuesday (13), in an interview with the “Quem Pode, Pod” podcast. The actress recalled a time when she thought she might be asexual, still revealing some of the difficulties she’s had in relationships. The star also spoke about her friendship with her Xolo Maridueñaa new star in “blue ladybug”and cried when telling us how auditions for films from DC Comics He made her regain confidence in her work.

Relationships and intimacy

According to Marquezin, doubts about his sexuality arose at a time when he was not feeling well. “It was a time when I didn’t even have the energy to have sex, let alone scramble”The actress joked, referring to the “Sorobao de Noronha” rumors. “I went through this phase, which I thought was kinda asexual”He said. Manu Javase once said that sentence and I picked it up. It was: “Sex is exaggerated. That’s not all.’ I got into this wave that I didn’t like sex very much. Then I realized a little later that this wasn’t true.”She admitted with a laugh.

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Over time, Bruna realized that this situation happened because she was in the introspective stage, and that everything varies from partner to partner. “I was at a point where I was looking at myself a lot, reconnecting with myself, reorganizing everything. So you don’t have a lot of energy to offer anyway.”she said. “Literally [dar]Presenter joked Fernanda Paes LimEntertain a colleague. “It was a process of filling myself up anew, feeling good, sexy, excited, again enough, on my own”Marquezine added.

Bruna Marquezin has opened up about her sexuality and the process it took to better understand her relationship with sex. (Photo: Playback / YouTube)

Regarding relationships, Bruna lamented the number of people who treated her with interest and attraction for her celebrity “personality”, and not for whom she is behind the spotlight. “What bothers me a little about the gallery and that people really have an image created by them, is that the person doesn’t come to associate with you, they associate with the image. This is a bag! Sometimes, when you look at the guy, you realize he really likes the image. And then you lose your temper completely.” You no longer have any interest in this relationship. You say: You don’t see me, you see the picture. You really want to call Bruna Marquezine”Scored.

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Relationship with Xolo Maridueña

After working together on the movie “blue ladybug”Bruna and hero Xolo Maridueña developed a great affinity. The artist even came to Brazil recently. Giovanna EubankThen, they took advantage of the chat to talk about the couple’s relationship. “Everyone is charging you, right?”commented the presenter. “He is without a doubt one of my best friends today. Without a doubt”Make the actress clear.

Fernanda also spoke about the beauty of the actor: “He’s handsome, isn’t he?”. But Bruna has remained neutral, careful not to fuel speculation. “You are the one who says”The actress replied with a smile. Marquezin also told how his colleague was fascinated by Brazilian food. “He liked bread cheese, açaí, I asked my mother to make him chicken with okra and ango…a girl, but he ate too much”He remembers.

Insecurities in acting and reconnecting with art

During the conversation, Bruna opened up about losing faith in her work after the TV series “Deus Salve o Rei” – at a time when she received a string of criticism. Even after some time, when he was already in the studios recording the series “Maldives”Give NetflixThe star still feels insecure about her craft. When I had the opportunity to audition for the movie “Sparkle”from the capital, she even thought about quitting…but ended up changing her mind.

Bruna Marquezine Pod 5
Bruna Marquezin cried when she remembered how doing well in DC Comics auditions made her trust her work again. (Photo: Playback / YouTube)

Bruna was moved to tears as she remembered the significance of that moment in her life. “I prepared myself a lot for this second phase of the ‘The Flash’ test, which was really virtual, and I went to top 2. I was like: hi?! But this process was very important to me. I remember the day I had that Zoom call with Ezra [Miller]And with every statement, every compliment from the director or Ezra, I felt as if weight was wearing off. When it’s over, you’re done, put out, vent. I cried, I cried”She said with teary eyes.

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According to the artist, only at this moment confidence in her work returned. “I’d say: I don’t care if I don’t succeed, speaking from the bottom of my heart, I don’t care. I got back one thing I lost a long time ago and missed so badly – believing in myself as a professional and not constantly relying on someone else’s validation. That’s invaluable.”She indicated crying. “I prepared so much. I walked in knowing that I did everything in my power to give my best.”, pointed out. Bruna finally got onto the international studio radar and ended up in DC’s next superhero feature.

House for sale to Michel Teló

After questioning by fans, Marquezin confirmed the news of his mansion being sold to him Michel TELO. “Worse than the truth … the price revealed is a lie, but I will not say whether it is more expensive or cheaper. I sold it happily, because the house was very big. I bought this house thinking a lot about my family, because my family is very big – my father is the youngest Between nine siblings. We always liked to get everyone together. After my grandparents died, the family was scattered. Then it wasn’t crowded anymore. I miss this place, it didn’t have my grandparents’ house, so I bought it thinking about it, my family. But the truth is that there Four events a year and the rest I’m left alone. It’s been a lot of work, and traveling a lot, so it just didn’t make any sense”mentioned.

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Meanwhile, Bruna said she will be staying in Xuxa Meneghel Whom do you have an intimate relationship with since childhood? “I’m staying at her house, spending a season there”The actress, who still remembers Rainha dos Baixinhos’ invitation, said: She said: Stay home! The third time, I accepted.”. Despite being in the presenter’s house, Marquezin explained that it is difficult to meet his host. “It hardly stays there. It’s a visualization. But I’m fulfilling my childhood dream of being partially adopted by Xuxa”joked.

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