September 28, 2023
Bruna Marquezine says The Flash was a turning point in her career

Bruna Marquezine says The Flash was a turning point in her career

Before Sasha Kali (“Young and anxious”) to be chosen to be super girl In the future ‘SparkleBrazilian actress Bruna Marquezine He was also competing for the role.

Despite missing out on the role, she revealed to the podcast Who can, canthat the test renewed her confidence and changed her view of her career.

This is because she was going through a period of insecurity because she didn’t like her performance in it May the Lord protect the king“.

She even thought about giving up her acting career.

At the time, she was on a break from recording the Maldives series, from Netflixand received an invitation to take the test on behalf of super girl.

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“I was in a moment questioning myself so much as an actress, I was at a point: ‘I’m not an actress, I’m not going to act anymore.'” I went to the set [de ‘Maldivas‘] No more trustShe said.

She continued to explain how the hero Ezra Miller and the manager Andy MuschiettiResponsible for ‘SparkleHelp him regain his confidence.

“With all the praise from the director or Ezra [Miller]It looked like a weight was off. When he finished, I cried and called Juliana [sua empresária] And I said, “It doesn’t matter whether I take on this role or not, I recap something that I really missed, which is to believe in myself as a professional, not constantly relying on other people’s ratings.” I could even be “The Tree 2” in the movie, and I’d be happy about that. but it was super girl! I said: I can’t believe they believed in me so much that they thought I was a superhero.

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Remember that Bruna He got a prominent role inblue ladybug(2023) And You Will Be Penny, Jaime Reyes’ Love Interest (Xolo Maridueña).

Previously, she told the magazine From That the feature required her a lot, even due to the fact that she had to act in a language she was not used to speaking.

“It was an experience that required me a lot in aspects that I had not experienced until then. The fact of translating into another language is a huge challenge, because I feel Portuguese”He said Bruna.

The actress admitted that it was so good to feel ‘I feel weird in my stomach’ different, after getting a boosted career in Brazil. said to do blue ladybug It was an experience “passionate” And the “the challenge”She found herself more “lonely” on set, as she usually wasn’t.

“It was really good to feel vulnerable again, insecure, and feel a lot of butterflies in my stomach. I’ve always felt butterflies in my stomach, but this time I was definitely somewhere… and I was feeling a lot lonely too, so it was a very emotional and difficult experience. , but she was so beautiful. It was great to be able to feel it all.”Concludes.

Susan Sarandon replacing Sharon Stone In the interpretation of the villain Victoria Cord. The character in question was created specifically for the movie and does not exist in the comics.

Raul Max Trujillo (“Mayan MC‘) He will play another villain, Konrad Karapax, the Indestructible Man. He was an archaeologist rival to Daniel Jarrett, the first blue ladybug.

Bruna MarquezineBellissa Escobedo, Harvey Gillen And the Raul Max Trujillo It was confirmed in the main cast.

previously Angel Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) directed by, with screenplay by Gareth Dunnett Alcoser (Miss Bala).

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