December 2, 2022
Bruna Marquezine takes Xolo Maridueña crazy in a sheer dress

Bruna Marquezine takes Xolo Maridueña crazy in a sheer dress

Bruna Marquezine Got Real About Her Relationship With Xolo Maridueña

In a conversation with Giovanna Eubank and Fernanda Paes Lemy on the “Quem pode, pod” podcast, Bruno Gagliasso’s wife Bruna Marquezine asked about her relationship with Xolo Maridueña and was not shy about answering.

The artist directly explained: “He is without a doubt one of my best friends today. Without a doubt! Without a doubt!”. He confirmed that the artist loved Brazil so much – and Brazilian food – that he intends to return: “He will be back here again soon.” However, Bruna didn’t just comment on the charger.

Bruna Marquezine reveals that she lived through the “asexual” stage

In a blast, Bruna Marquezine said that she wasn’t always on good terms with sex and that, for a while, she thought she was asexual. “I didn’t have the energy to have sex. I went through this stage where I thought I was asexual. I remember Manu [Gavassi] One day he said sex was overrated and I got into this wave that I didn’t even like sex.”

Bruna confirmed that she changed her mind on this shortly after. “It was the process of feeling whole and feeling beautiful and attractive, and then caring for someone and wanting to be connected. Being more comfortable with myself and in bed, what I love and want, and then it became more enjoyable. That changed. He noted that after a lot of therapy and life reorganization head and body.”