February 5, 2023

Bruna pays tribute to the intimate part of Key Alves after a shack with Larissa · TV News

Soon after the formation of the first wall of BBB 23Ki Alves went to feel good Larissa Santos About the reference to the hot seat. The two started arguing however Bruna Grippo, who was crying next door, cared more about something else. “Ass [Key] It’s beautiful “.

In one of the justifications for the nomination, the leaders Bruna and Larissa stated this a key He didn’t open up to them even after a few attempts. “You didn’t get to me, as I said,” the volleyball player argued.

“You already tried to start a conversation, but you cut it off, unlike him [Gustavo Benedeti, dupla de Key que também está no paredão]which have an exchange, ”explained Larissa.

“But I’ve never been rude to you,” the athlete defended. “Did you say he was rude?” asked the physical education teacher. “I’m sure I answered you,” the key slanted. “But she didn’t open up,” Larisa insisted.

She added, “For me, you never came to talk to me. Now, you’re saying I didn’t talk to you, you’re right, I really didn’t.” “So, that’s it! That’s why I opened up to everyone, including boys, and I feel that, as for me, you haven’t opened up at all,” the woman from Santa Catarina reinforced.

During the discussion, Bruna was sitting next to her, crying, still under the influence Warning received from Tadeo Schmidt About the relationship with Gabriel Tavares. Note the switch and she chose not to include the actress in the discussion.

Later, the artist admitted that she was really not paying attention to the hut, but not because of Gabriel. “I was looking at Kei’s butt, it’s really big and really cute,” she said with a smirk.

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