July 22, 2024

Business Class tickets to Europe from R$ 2,660 each way or 150,400 TudoAzul points

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classe executiva tudoazul sua
classe executiva tudoazul sua

That Europe is the favorite destination of many Brazilians, there is no doubt about it! 🇪🇺 if the ancient continent was also a part of Wish List Travel, so how about flying there with the comfort you deserve? In this article, we will show you how to send a snippet in a file Executive class Give blue To Lisbon from 2,660 BRL + taxes or 150,400 TudoAzul. paying off!

All blue business class

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mechanics of promotions

To issue the ticket, we will combine two different promotions: the purchase of points with a 50% discount at Esfera and the promotion of transferring additional program points to TudoAzul.

1. Buy Sphere Points at up to 50% off

Until Wednesday (9), Sphere . presents Up to 50% discount when purchasing program points. To get the maximum discount, you must be Club Esfera subscriber.

2. Reward Transfer – Esfera and TudoAzul

We call reward transfers in which a reward can be earned by sending points between two loyalty programs, such as the program Offers 100% bonus on transfers between Esfera and TudoAzul. To be eligible for the maximum reward, it is You must be a Clube TudoAzul subscriber. The offer is valid until next Wednesday (9).

Ticket price in points

To calculate how much we will spend on this issue, first, let’s look at the value in points for the intended extension, departure from Campinas Airport (VCP). Our surveys were conducted on November 7 for travel between October 14 and 21, 2023.

  • Campinas (VCP) x Lisbon (LIS): 150,400 TudoAzul points for diamond customers

  • Lisbon (LIS) x Campinas (VCP): 150,400 TudoAzul points for diamond customers

Therefore, in order to redeem a round-trip flight in business class from Azul to Lisbon, 300,800 TudoAzul points will be required.

The search was performed by the client TudoAzul Diamante. To view a refund at this cost, it is necessary to log into the account of the loyalty program. For TudoAzul Basic clients, We found the fare of 156,800 points per clip.

Buy Sphere Points at up to 50% off

To purchase Esfera Points, we will be looking at two places: to be part of Clube Esfera and Clube TudoAzul. It is also important to note that it is only possible to buy a lot of 1000 points. Therefore, in order to issue points taking into account the total purchase of points, as well as the bonus transfer offer, which we will analyze later, it is necessary to purchase the following quantities in Esfera, in the case of the tariff for TudoAzul Diamante customers :

  • 76,000 Sphere points for one-way broadcasts; or
  • 151,000 points for a round trip.

Since one of our assumptions is that you were already part of Clube Esfera, so, in this case, we would have the following cost to generate our points:

  • R$2,660 for 76,000 thousand Esfera points (R$35 per thousand points) to redeem one chip; or
  • R$5,285 for 151,000 Esfera points (R$35 per 1,000 points) for a round trip.

It is noteworthy that in order to issue a ticket on TudoAzul, an airport fee will be charged, which must be included in the final cost of your trip. In this example, we are only considering the cost of creating the points in the assumptions already made.

Transfer Sphere Points to TudoAzul

As we explained at the beginning of the post, with reward transfers, we can maximize the use of our points and miles. Now, let’s show in practice how this happens.

Let’s say that by purchasing points in Sphere, we will have the following final balance:

  • 76,000 Sphere points for one-way broadcasts; or
  • 151,000 points for a round trip.

Now, we will need to transfer these points to TudoAzul. One of the advantages of the Esfera program is that, for subscribers, there is no immediate transfer fee, that is, the purchased points are immediately reduced, without having to pay anything extra for it. Do not forget that before making the conversion, it is necessary Register for the upgrade.

Given the 100% bonus for TudoAzul, we will receive the following credit* in the Azul program:

  • 152,000 points, for a 100% bonus for issuing only one chip; or
  • 302,000 points for 100% round-trip issue bonus.

With that, we will have enough points to issue the chosen flight between Campinas (VCP) and Lisbon (LIS)!

* The deadline for receiving bonus points is up to 10 working days.

Business Class in Azul

For international routes, Azul uses the Airbus A330, in two versions. All layout 1x2x1, which provides occupants with more privacy and direct access to the driveway. See photos of both planes below:

For more information, be sure to check out our website reconsidering For what it’s like to travel in business class for a company.

Factors to consider

If you want to implement this version, it is important to consider some factors:

  • The cost of earning points can be lower if you already have credit on Esfera or TudoAzul;
  • TudoAzul has a club time bonus, which can also reduce the required amount of Sphere Points. However, this bonus bonus is limited to a maximum of 20,000 bonus points per year and has not been taken into account in our calculations;
  • Do not forget that both Clube Esfera and Clube TudoAzul have a monthly cost, which may vary according to the chosen club;
  • To implement the issue on TudoAzul, an airport fee is charged which must be included in the final cost of your trip. In this issue, we are only considering the cost of creating the points in the assumptions already made;
  • Bonus points have a period of up to 10 business days to be deposited into your TudoAzul account. Although we found wide availability of dates for this amount in October and November, Azul adopts dynamic pricing in its points program, which It may cause a tariff increase during this period. Keep this question in mind before sharing.


This is another celebrity Paranawi, allowing you to travel more comfortably in Business Class by paying the Economy Fare. If you want to travel to Portugal in a cabin excellent, This could be an excellent opportunity!

Remember, however, to take into account the factors presented here and pay special attention to the deadline for depositing bonus points into your TudoAzul account. Since the software adopts dynamic pricing, the dates shown here may change at any time.

It is worth noting that, despite the focus of our article on the Esfera program, transferring up to 100% of the bonus to TudoAzul is valid for all financial partners of the program, with the exception of Livelo. If you wish, you can use points from other banking programs using the same rationale as in our example.

Thinking of taking advantage? To issue it, go to TudoAzul siteTo buy discount Sphere points click here And transfer Esfera points to TudoAzul with reward click here.



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