July 25, 2024

By Christian, Ravi leaves Tulio on the road and is in disarray TV News

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By Christian, Ravi leaves Tulio on the road and is in disarray TV News
By Christian, Ravi leaves Tulio on the road and is in disarray TV News

ravi (Juan Paiva) will anger Tulio (Daniel Dantas) in place in the sun. The two will argue because the bastard will have gone to Goiânia and visited the sanctuary where the chauffeur and the Christian are (Kawa Raymond) Created on the Globo series at 9 AM. Desperate, the scammer’s friend will grab the villain’s distraction and abandon him on foot midway in an effort to alert the rapist before it’s too late.

Husband Rebecca Andrea Beltrau is waiting for a car to pass by to call for help. after minutes, thulium He’ll be able to ride back home, ready to reveal Renato’s fake mask the next day.

Now, the bastard will have investigated Christian and found out everything he did to replace the wealthy twin. He will play the role of the detective starting Saturday (4), after he finds out that the husband of barbaric (Alinne Moraes) had a similar brother who was a servant.

The first clue will be Anchieta (Alexander Leno). The airport car park manager will have a business meeting with the managers of the Redentor supermarket chain. Christian will immediately find out that he is his ex-boss and will leak without explaining it.

Anshita will see a photo of Faker and says she has met his brother. Túlio will arrange a meeting with Christian In a restaurant Without warning he will take on the character of Alexandre Leno. The anti-hero in the prime-time saga will see the former boss before he enters the establishment and deduce that the enemy has already begun to consider cheating on him.

When will Christian’s farce disintegrate?

From there, Tullius will unravel the mystery in only three chapters, between the next seventh and ninth chapters. Upon encountering Ravi, he will end up deserted. But by protecting Christian, the The driver is the one who will spoil.

The fake will accept being blackmailed and He’ll even start stealing Santiago (José de Abreu). Among the demands of your enemy is the “head” of Ravi. Rebecca’s husband will force the rapist to expel his friend.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The whole plot was registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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