August 8, 2022
C6 Bank launched a low-interest line of credit in up to 48 installments

C6 Bank launched a low-interest line of credit in up to 48 installments

C6 Bank launched a new way to loan Especially for bank customers. It is credit with car warranty. How it works? The bank releases the amount indicating 70% of the price of the commodity in question. The service guarantees lower interest rates than loans traditionalists.

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The credit is called ‘car equity’. The intent, according to C6 Bank, is to offer contractors more competitive rates and more flexible terms. This will happen because in this way the car is used as collateral for the repayment of the loan, which provides simpler and more practical terms for the release of money.

Credit with car guarantee

The minimum price of the vehicle that will be used as a guarantee must be R$5,000. The maximum amount is up to 70,000 Brazilian riyals. Another detail is that those interested in contracting credit need the car Settlement On behalf of the client.

The loan repayment period is 48 months. According to C6 Bank, fees start at 1.44% per month. Another requirement for using the car as a warranty is that it has up to 10 years of manufacture.

Initially, C6 Bank launched the service for a select group of customers, but this offer is expected to expand to all others in the coming months.

To see if the method has been released, the customer must enter the C6 Bank application. The petition of credit through the application itself. The money is available in the account in only one business day after the order is analyzed.

The bank offers other benefits to vehicle owners, such as the C6 Tag. The car sticker allows customers to pay the toll or parking amount only when using the services. Therefore, there are no shipping or membership fees.

To learn about the available services and working methods loansInterested parties can access the C6 Bank website or app.