Cabinet reshuffle Monday in Ottawa, 2nd in six months for Justin Trudeau

Remaniement ministériel lundi à Ottawa, un 2e en six mois pour Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA — The prime minister Justin Trudeau will make Monday a government reshuffle.

This will be his second year of its kind in six months.

The redesign was made necessary, in particular due to the announced departure Thursday of the president of the Treasury Board, Scott Brison.

But the prime minister will also rebrasser cards, to nine months of the general elections of October.

Nothing has filtered about the changes that will be made to cabinet.

The ministers will then to Sherbrooke, where they will participate as of Wednesday in a meeting behind closed doors to prepare for the parliamentary inauguration of the 28th of January.

They will exchange views on how to further strengthen the canadian economy and create good jobs for the middle class”, as mentioned by prime minister Trudeau. The discussions will also focus on the diversification of international trade and the fight against climate change, among others.

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