January 29, 2023
Caixa forgot the R$23 million to withdraw

Caixa forgot the R$23 million to withdraw

Pis / Pasep: Caixa has a forgotten amount of R$ 23 million available for withdrawal until 2025. Find out who is entitled to and how to withdraw amounts

The Caixa Economica Federal He forgot about R$23 million in the bank and awaits rescue. In all, there are about 10.6 million Brazilian workers who can withdraw money. Resources refer to Pis/Pasep quotas, which is a right for workers who have worked on formal contract or as public servants during a certain period. So, to know more and check if you can get it, read the text below.

How do you withdraw Pis/Pasep?

First, it is necessary to clarify where Pis / Pasep funds come from. It just so happens that, until recently, all contributions made by employers went directly to PIS Pasep box🇧🇷 However, with MP No. 946, dated April 7, 2020, this fund has been extinguished and the amounts transferred to fgtsShareholders can request these amounts until June 1, 2025, when the balance returns to the union coffers.

To make this withdrawal request, it is very simple. All you have to do is Access to the site or FGTS application (android And the iOS), or go to a Caixa Bank branch. On the platforms, go to the My Withdrawals and Other Withdrawals option. Then click on “Pis Pasep”, and inform the bank account to which the amounts should be sent. ATTENTION: If you have an account with Caixa, the deposit may happen automatically.

Large amounts require a citizen card to withdraw

It is also important to say that to withdraw amounts up to R$3,000 it is only necessary to use the Citizen Card, to go to the self-service terminal, Correspondente Caixa Aqui or the lottery agency. For larger amounts, withdrawals will only be made through a physical branch, with the presentation of an identity document with a photo.

All workers registered with the Pis Pasep Fund and who have an open share can withdraw values.

Photo: Inked Pixels / shutterstock.com