January 31, 2023
Caixa launched a loan of up to R$1,000 in Caixa Tem;  see who can

Caixa launched a loan of up to R$1,000 in Caixa Tem; see who can

On Monday (27th) Caixa launched a microloan (microcredit) program through the Caixa Tem app, which can be contracted by up to 100 million people. The loan amounts are R$300 and R$1,000, with an interest rate of 3.99% per month and payment up to 24 installments.

The customer takes the loan directly via the mobile phone in the application. Caixa Tem was set up in the first half of 2020 for the government to pay an amount first aid for millions of people. Aid recipients still receive money in the form of free digital savings today. The app was also used to pay a fee Okay (Contingency Allowance, paid to those who have a reduced salary) and a salary bonus PIS / Pasep. Since November, Bolsa Família beneficiaries have also started taking deposits into a digital savings account.

For loans, users Application They need to update their Caixa Tem registration with personal information.

This update will be released gradually, according to the user’s birth month, according to the calendar below:

  • January and February: 9/27
  • March and April: 10/18
  • May-June: 11/8
  • July and August: 11/29
  • September and October: 12/13
  • November and December: 12/27

After the update, the account user will be able to request a Caixa Tem balance directly through the app. The amount released will depend on the credit analysis.

“Before hiring, remember to do the math to see if the installment amount is right in your pocket, as it is important to keep the loan repayment up-to-date so that your financial life is always organized,” a notice on the app said.

Cash offers two types of loans

Through Caixa Tem, the user can offer two types of loans: personal and productivity. The first is suitable for personal expenses, the second is intended for investment in business and / or projects. The interest rate for both is the same: 3.99% per month and payment in 24 installments.

The amounts released for the loan are based on user registration information and take into account personal and/or business financial history. After credit assessment, the amount is released.

Cash was already updating the records

Caixa has been studying ways to implement Caixa Tem’s microcredit offering for months. Bank executives have said on several occasions that the plan was to expand the services offered through the app.

In March 2021, a Show the app for a few hours the “best customer” option, which instructed users to update the registry. The code caused confusion and was eventually removed.

At that time, it was UOL I found this was a pilot project to modernize digital savings. One goal specifically was to get more data about each user’s profile so that they could offer microcredit.